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SUBJECT: Boston/NYC Unity Group Shows Back to Subjects
Mar 31 2014
at 11:20 AM
After catching the band early in the tour and being completely blown away, I expected nothing less than what I got from seeing the final two shows. Yes, they have taken what was already amazing and developed and improved upon to an almost supernatural level. Having seen Metheny what now must be dozens of times over the years, this is IMO his best band and best project ever. And to top it off, his playing seems to have jumped again to another level. It seems to me that Metheny and Potter make up the most intense one-two punch since Davis and Shorter all those years ago. It is truly at that level. And the Metheny/Sanchez mind reading borders on scary. It was always like that, just seems more than ever right now. And the KIN music is a spectacular pole vault to a new dimension of composition as well, taking the best points of his recent other projects like TWU and Orchestrion and topping them all with a return to the great melodies that were maybe slightly missing in those projects. These two shows were unforgettable, both audiences passionate and engaged for the whole nearly three hour trip. Maybe there is a slight edge to the Wilbur Theatre in Boston as just about the most perfect venue imaginable for this band. I see a journey to Europe in my future. For those who missed this Group, you really missed something. This is easily the highlight of Metheny’s career to date. But then, I seem to always think that and then the next surprise comes along. Go if you can.
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Mike S.
Jun 04 2014
at 11:38 AM
Bookmark and Share Would LOVE to if there were another show in New England this summer!!!!!!
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