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Tom Rudd
Mar 28 2014
at 7:23 AM
Thank you Pat Metheny for another stellar Boston show last night at the Wilber Theatre. The musicianship all around was astonishing. The crowd was great and show was well paced with a number of surprises. The Kin material worked very well and was jaw dropping. Chris Potter was just incredible. We are so lucky to have another year of music and a new CD from these folks. From start to finish it was pure enjoyment!~
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Apr 05 2014
at 9:05 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, Patsfan! He certainly earned his money on that particular night!! I’ve got Kin playing right now...what an incredible recording!
Apr 04 2014
at 11:13 PM
Bookmark and Share Re. The sound engineering , J21. .... That fellow is the legendary David Oakes, who holds a very low profile but is in control of the sound at all of Pat’s concerts.
Apr 04 2014
at 11:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, j21. Glad you had a great time and enjoyed the spectacle that is the PMUG.
Mar 29 2014
at 3:59 PM
Bookmark and Share As Tom Rudd stated: it was jaw dropping! My GF and I got there 2 hours before show time, where you could get into the first entry way, but not into the main theater, and we could hear Pat sound checking. That did nothing to calm my excitement. The sound quality was least from our seats. Whatever the sound engineer got paid that night was not enough!! If one of Antonio’s eye-lashes had floated down on to one of his cymbals, you would’ve heard it hit! It was my girlfriend’s first time seeing him live...we’ve been together for 7 years now so she’s somewhat versed in Pat’s music, but seeing musicians at the top of their game like that live isn’t the same as listening to the cd’s. She was astonished! was I. Not much more I can add than what’s already been posted by others. All the guys played their asses off. Being a drummer, Antonio was a lot of fun to watch! An amazing night of music!!!
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