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Mar 27 2014
at 2:30 PM
Count me in. I already have a tckt. Does anyone have an idea about the format? Will they play individual sets and then join forces and play together? Just wondering so I can have maximum pre -concert excitement. Caught the Uniity Band in Northridge and feel this is a superb version of Pat’s journey. Keep it coming!!!!!
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May 06 2014
at 7:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Does anyone know if more shows will be added to the Campfire Tour? Anywhere in New England would work for me!!!! Saw PMUG in Boston in March but I want more!!!
Apr 01 2014
at 1:46 PM
Bookmark and Share Saw the band in Atlanta and it was fantastic. When I got the twitter that Bruce Hornsby was playing on the Campfire Tour, I immediately got tickets in Roanoke since it is only a four hour drive from Knoxville. Didn’t read the fine print that that is the only night that Bruce is not playing with the Unity Group. Oh well I will have to be satisfied watching Pat played on Bruce Hornsby’s DVD +Friends. Pat does a killer rendition of White Wheeled Limousine. I am excited to see Pat and the gang again and compare how their playing has changed from the beginning of the tour till the end!
Apr 01 2014
at 11:40 AM
Bookmark and Share Jealous jealous jealous, North America (deservedly) gets this tour. Bruce and Pat playing together is going to be off the hook. Get Jerry Douglas out there and you have my dream band tour. I loved when those three played together on the Charlie Haden record a few years back. I believe they were the core of the back up band on The Fields Of Athenry. Anyway seeing Bruce and Pat on the same stage jamming together oughta be something. And all you bluegrass and brucegrass fans, should you not already own it run out and buy Cluck Old Hen the Live Hornsby and Skaggs record it is an absolute delight, some ferocious telepathic playing happening between Kentucky Thunder, Bruce and Ricky. One the best discs I have heard in years.
Mar 28 2014
at 9:08 PM
Bookmark and Share According to Longwood Gardens site: Virtuosic pianist and songwriter Bruce Hornsby shares the stage with superstar jazz quintet the Pat Metheny Unity Group. They will perform both individually and together as they share the Open Air Theatre stage.
Mar 28 2014
at 3:40 PM
Bookmark and Share advertised as separate sets for bruce and pat and then a combined set-these 2 play very well together-pat has been on several of bruce’s albums-I also have bought tickets and will be attending one of these shows.
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