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Mar 24 2014
at 12:01 AM
probably not telling anyone who reads this board anything they don’t already know but it just bears repeating. I’ve been lucky enough to see the various pat metheny vehicles and incarnations since the late seventies and i always walk away from a show with that same feeling of man how does this guy just keep getting better and better??!? tonights show in red bank was no exception. exceptional musicianship all around. just a staggeringly good show. both unity recordings are great but live its just a different ballgame. if you can make it to a show GO. I’m also lucky enough to live in NYC so this week I’ve also got fairfield and town hall on tap. an embarrassment of riches.
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Mar 31 2014
at 10:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Agree completely. I was at Red Bank, my old stomping ground. I’ve got real good friends in that town! What words can describe the experience of such music? The experience of live performance of the compositions and improvisation in the moment. The compositions continue to grow in complexity and feel like they coalesce into those melodic lines and thematic statements like the wailing unison at the end of "Born" - you get the line through the song but at the end, when they say it together, oh my heart just glowed. Tears always fall for me as much as completely embarrassing outbursts of laughter. People around me sometimes look at me sideways. I don’t care. I actually want to stand at the front of the stage and shout GO MAN GO! But I respect the sedentary listener too. I figure I am lucky to feel so much from this music. And Pat’s final goodnight encore alone on stage just wrecked me.
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