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Mar 23 2014
at 9:42 AM
I was absolutely mesmerized, This may have been the best show I’ve seen from Pat ever, That goes all the way back to Offramp. These musicians are not of this world. The tunes from the Unity Band cd were re-worked and sounded better than the originals. The Kin tracks were amazing. Many surprises thru the show including some duet pieces....Giulio was great on. I only hope they record one of these shows on dvd or cd. Its was that great. Thanks Pat, Chris, Ben, Giulio & Antonio.
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Mar 26 2014
at 1:02 PM
Bookmark and Share I took my son to the show, his second with the SON show in Reading Pa 2002 beiong the first. He was only 14 then and doesn’t remember it all. But he will this one! He was mesmerized, as was much of the audience. As everyone has said so far, it was great music from a top-notch ensemble. Potter and Sanchez are both monster players and Williams and Carmassi just a notch behind them. And Pat never seems to take a night off. He continually brings his "A "game to every gig, every setting. I’m as impressed now over the years with his endurance and stamina as much as I am his musical brilliance. Most jazz musicians will give you 90 minutes a performance. But Pat has always stretched his sets to rock-show like times. Whatever it is he does to keep his chops so sharp, I hope he keeps on doing it for as long as he can. Thanks to Pat and PMUG for the wonderful music and memories.
Mar 25 2014
at 1:16 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s great to read these posts. Sometimes I think, was that show as good as I thought it was or is it just me? I’ve seen Pat close to 50 times in a variety of setting and configurations since the Off Road tour at the Academy of Music in Philly. I’ve been hooked ever since. This current Unity Group tour has got to one of the best or at least my favorite. Saturdays show at the Keswick was exceptional from beginning to end, 2:40 of pure musical bliss. Hearing the new album Kin live is so much more intense. The selection of music and pairings kept you engaged at every turn and the musicianship is at the highest level. Antonio Sanchez has become one of the most amazing drummers I’ve ever seen play. The interaction between Metheny and Potter is incredible especially with when Pat is play the Roland synth guitar. I can’t wait to see them this summer at Longwood Gardens. I was lucky enough get tickets at the Kimmel Ctr as soon as they went on sale Monday, 7th row center. It only gets better.
Mar 25 2014
at 9:54 AM
Bookmark and Share This show was so unique with the partial Orchestrion and the sound was perfect. The audience was really into each composition and felt Pat’s energy. Hopefully a DVD and a Live cd to follow from this tour. I will plan on seeing the Longwood show later in the Summer.
Mar 25 2014
at 8:19 AM
Bookmark and Share mountain - i agree he reminds us of good ole Pedro. It was when Pedro was with them that I saw my first, life-changing, PMG show. He set the bar really high for the vocalist/instrumentalist role.
Mar 24 2014
at 3:30 PM
Bookmark and Share I attended the March 22nd show at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA. I have seen Pat play there several times and I did see the Unity Band play at the Longwood Gardens last summer. The playing is at a level manyof us can’t fully comprehend and Pat and the band makes it look so effortless. I sat center stage about 8 rows behind the sound board. The show was well though out Overall, an amazing experience to witness some of the most incredible musicians on the planet crafting their art. Antonio Sanchez has to be one of the most talented drummers around and he does not get the credit he deserves. Potter is a powerhouse on the sax and his flute and guitar playing during the show was well received. Williams bass was tasteful and supportive. Carmassi played a supportive role. When he sung, it reminded me of good ole Pedro. Don’t miss this group. Heck, never miss a chance to see Pat play live. I am planning on attending the Campfire gig at Longwood Gardens. Enjoy.
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