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SUBJECT: Strathmore Center Concert - North Bethesda, MD - 3/21/2014 Back to Subjects
Mar 22 2014
at 8:54 AM
Beautiful music is still filling my head now that is the morning after seeing the Kin Concert with the Pat Metheny Unity Group last Night. In short, it was simply an amazing show that treated the sold-out audience. Pat, Antonio, Chris and Ben sounded so in tune with each other. These jazz musicians are supremely talented and this was just such a treat to hear and experience.
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Mar 25 2014
at 10:37 AM
Bookmark and Share I was also at this show last Friday. Outstanding performance. I was orchestra section R row J and I saw you leaning forward and clapping down there in the front row and was impressed by your precision and I did notice Pat look right at you and give an enthusiastic "Yeah". I’ve been to many shows over the years going back to 1986 in Cleveland. I’ve seen him recently here in Maryland at Lisner Auditorium (The Way Up) and the Orchestrion tour in 2010 also at the Strathmore Hall. My biggest thrill beside all the great music was meeting him in the small DC club Blues Alley in his practice room. I saw an opportunity as Carolyn just walked out of the room a few minutes before the show was to start (touring with Joshua Redman). With heart pounding I stepped in and told him how much his music has been a part of my life and that it’s brought much peace and joy. He shook my had and smiled and said thanks. I was on cloud 9. So blessed to be able to witness and hear greatness in person.
Mar 24 2014
at 10:46 PM
Bookmark and Share Seanfe, that is legit. Reminds me of Pat with the Metropole Orchestra. Pat is playing So May It Secretly Begin and the trombone player behind him is sharing the melody. Pat turns around and gives him a "yeah". Pretty cool that you got the same. Respect.
Mar 24 2014
at 4:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Nice to see some fellow Marylanders in here. I couldn’t make the Strathmore show. I’ll have to catch the Wolf Trap show in August. Good review seanfe.
Mar 24 2014
at 11:55 AM
Bookmark and Share nice touch, seanfe. That’s what "KIN" is all about! You are kin. Maybe we all are, each in our own way. I sure feel that way when I listen to his music - touches deep within. I had the privilege of seeing him back to back, Toronto & Buffalo, last week, and have been re-visiting some of my favourites from years gone by. It’s quite a journey.
Mar 23 2014
at 12:16 PM
Bookmark and Share Completely agree. The Strathmore show was my second -- the first being The Warfield in San Fran three weeks earlier to the date -- both front row center seats. As an added bonus, I was able to enjoy 15-seconds of fame at the Strathmore show... Metheny has a long tradition with hand-claps. The epic “First Circle” begins with hand claps in 22/8. This is the song that brought me into the Metheny circle back in the late 80?s. When "First Circle" is performed live, It’s not uncommon for both musicians and non-musicians of the Metheny faithful to clap their hands with the band during this opening passage in order to demonstrate their intimate knowledge of this complex rhythm and to feel at one with the band. Kin features two hand-clapping tracks, “Rise Up” and “On Day One.” When the band played “Rise Up,” I participated in the Flamenco claps in the opening. I believe I was the only one in the audience to do so. I don’t know if it was courage or skill, but in all fairness to the non-clapping members of the audience, the recording has only been out for a couple months. Being in the front row, my hand-clapping earned a smile and acknowledgement from Ben. However, “On Day One” is a much more complicated clapping rhythm — at least in terms of the context of the 11/4 meter and its rhythmic/metrical ambiguity. When I joined the band hand-claps during this passage, I immediately drew the attention of Maestro Metheny himself who looked at me and shouted in my direction “YEAH!” I continued accurately with the tricky hand-clap patterns and earned another “YEAH!” — this one even louder than the first. For those 15-seconds, my heart raced — I was part of the Pat Metheny Unity Group. :–) I also wrote a blog post review of this concert, a quick Google search should lead you there if you’re interested.
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