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SUBJECT: "Thank you’s" to Pat at Schenectady show Back to Subjects
Mar 21 2014
at 12:26 PM
During and especially at the end of last night’s wonderful performance by the PM Unity Group in Schenectady, I noticed people yelling out "thank you’s" to Pat. There were also a lot of "thumbs up" and raised arms clapping after solos and each "set". It was as is if audience members wanted to let him know how much we appreciate the effort and energy and creativity he brings to his playing and how much his music means to so many of us fans. Has anyone noticed this at other shows? I’ll use this post to offer my "thank you" to Pat. His music is the soundtrack of my life.
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Mar 28 2014
at 10:48 AM
Bookmark and Share I must confess I was one of those people who yelled "THANK YOU" at the end of the Schenectady show. I was lucky and had 6th row loge seats on the left side of stage. Got them from the Pre-Sale here last September. So I knew if I was loud enough Pat would be able to hear me. I am proud I did, the whole band play their hearts out. It was the least I could do to show my gratitude. As for people reaction in Public Spaces and how others should behave, puck them. My "Thank You" at the end of the show was no different then saying Bravo at a classical or opera concert. Have gone to both there is no difference. The other side of the coin is when you show no outward emotion at a show. It has a feeling that someone die and has a stiff feel to the evening. There is nothing to work off. Showing some type of affection to the band in a public performance is a positive. Playing with your phone or having a conversation with someone about your life is a negative. These are public not private performances and there has to be a give and take point of view. No one owns or have the right to dictate what is and is not except able. But any extreme type of behavior is not cool either. That is the give and take part we all have to keep in mind. Oh, I have a great time seeing Pat again with this new line up. Hope to see him again this summer with Bruce, no the other Bruce I mean.
Mar 24 2014
at 12:00 PM
Bookmark and Share You said it Arlie. His music is the soundtrack of my life. "Every day I thank you"
Mar 24 2014
at 10:16 AM
Bookmark and Share To Pat: "Everyday I Thank You"!
Mar 23 2014
at 9:19 AM
Bookmark and Share Aristera, I am certainly in the "joy of emotion" camp, and have been "sshhed" and/or given a glaring eye on more than a few occassions with different artists besides PMG... Zawinul/Syndicate, Snarky Puppy,Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren, Jeff Beck, So, you and alot of PMG heads are not alone!!!
Mar 22 2014
at 8:38 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve been to Pat’s shows over the last 25 years and there’s always been a show of appreciation of Pat’s and his fellow artists performances as you described. Whether in a small intimate venue like the Van Dyck or bigger venues like the Palace or mucsic halls in Troy and Burlington, whether in Trio , PMG, Unity or Quartet format the exhuberance is always there. For an artist I believe this show of appreciation is deeply felt and often feeds into the band’s peformance. I would like to point out that for some this outward emotion can be an annoyance especially to someone expecting a "symphony" or "opera" type setting. My friends and I were "sshed" by the couple in front of us at the Proctor show. After the show the couple told us we ruined the show for them. For my friends and me the show was fantastic.
Mar 22 2014
at 6:45 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, same thing at the Toronto show. Probably happens at all his shows. Pats fans are a unique bunch who love and appreciate his music on a very different level. Just read all the comments around the web, he touches people to the core. I read recently that his teenage kids don’t understand all the fuss about their Dad.... so funny when he’s a musical God to so many!!!
Mar 22 2014
at 1:58 PM
Bookmark and Share Actually, I just blew kisses I think he caught a few from the front row.
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