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SUBJECT: Golden State - Greg Cohen/Bill Frisell - beautiful duo Back to Subjects
Mar 18 2014
at 3:08 PM
A great album inspired by California. Frisell is playing guitar straight into the amp, no effects. Most tunes by Cohen and 3 standards - A great conversation and joyful music. I think Pat should play with Cohen as they have complimentary tones and both have played with Ornette. Now they both have the Zorn connection as well. I would love to hear Pat do a record in a day with no production, just hit and let it out in the world.
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Mar 21 2014
at 3:39 PM
Bookmark and Share wasn’t the Q &A album made that way, also ?
Mar 20 2014
at 10:15 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, I might say that One Quiet Night was such a clean album, just Pat and his baritone guitar with minimal production.
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