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Mar 16 2014
at 8:46 PM
Thank you to Pat and Hal Leonard for publishing the scores to this and a number of the last albums. It is a tremendous treat to follow the scores while listening. Practicing and playing the parts really reinforce the skill level that these guys are working with. I cannot think of another musician who is meticulously creating a permanent musical legacy in this fashion. Anyone else doing something similar?
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Mar 19 2014
at 9:07 AM
Bookmark and Share So true...Speaking of Now is a glaring omission. I hope it isn’t too late to publish a working copy of the instrument scores. Of course transcribing by ear is the ultimate training tool. I love the voicings throughout "The Way Up" it is rare to find such accurate transcriptions.
Mar 18 2014
at 3:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes! I bought the KIN one at the Columbus show, and Pat had autographed it. I’ve gone through it, and OMG. I’m still looking desperately for Speaking Of Now - it’s not listed on the Hal Leonard website.
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