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SUBJECT: Pat Metheny in Chicago - Orchestra Hall Back to Subjects
Mar 12 2014
at 6:21 PM
I have enjoyed Metheny’s work for years on recordings but had never seen him live until last night. This was one of the most amazing musical evenings I have ever enjoyed. The variety and dynamics of the evening were overwhelming and the artistry and improvisational skill on display was at the highest level imaginable. I realize now that Metheny’s own playing is something that must be experienced live. There is an artistry and a sense of mastery at work there that is palpable. You feel like he can and does do anything he wants at anytime with a line. I have never heard any guitarist and very few other musicians on other instruments with this kind of command. And he retains a huge variety of approaches. Sometimes very busy with lots of activity and other times utterly sparse with very few notes. He is always musical and nothing is ever wasted. His reinvention of his song James in just duet with drums was one of the most brilliant displays of improvisational inspiration I have ever heard. But the highlight of the experience were the compositions themselves. For almost 3 hours he unfurled idea after idea all stamped with that unique quality that makes his music so identifiable and loved by so many. Orchestra Hall is famously a difficult room for anything but classical music but where I was sitting it the sound was excellent for what this was. Exciting and alive. I don’t know what took me so long to finally attend a Metheny concert but I won’t miss one again.
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Mar 13 2014
at 7:32 AM
Bookmark and Share I was at the show and thought it was incredible.
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