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Mar 12 2014
at 4:28 PM
I saw the show last night and still listening to The Unity Group KIN CD today. I’ve been going to Pat’s live concerts since early 80’s in the U.S. and am still deeply moved by the music. There were a few older tunes in last night’s show that the audience was excited to hear and the new Unity Group tunes were mesmerizing. I was in a "daze" after the concert, since I transcend reality for 2 hours whenever I attend a Pat Metheny concert. It is clear to see the musicians are in a spiritual kinship with one another and I felt united with them as a long term fan. I brought a friend who somehow went through 50 years of life without having heard Pat Metheny’s music and she was impressed with their musicianship. It didn’t matter whether she was so outwardly moved by the sounds as I was. I just wanted someone else to hear this. I have a renewed mission to expose more people, young and old, to this wonderful creative energy. Thank you, Pat, for coming to Chicago !!
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