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SUBJECT: Coming to SoCal in Summer 2014? Back to Subjects
Linda Harrison
Mar 03 2014
at 7:50 PM
Dear Pat, I seriously hope that you won’t leave us hanging here in San Diego. Please bring the PMUG tour here during the summer when you return from Europe. I can’t believe that you would only play in Santa Barbara. You MUST come back!!
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Mar 22 2014
at 5:59 PM
Bookmark and Share He also played in Northridge, CA. Still a drive from SD...but not as bad as the Santa Barbara drive.
Mar 22 2014
at 12:34 AM
Bookmark and Share Linda...looks like your request was answered! still have to drive to LA ....but I was surprised to see The PMUG playing with Bruce Hornsby at the Greek!!....In July btw..
Mar 04 2014
at 12:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Those SoCal bookers can’t have been doing their job properly...
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