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Mar 01 2014
at 7:36 AM
"Extradition" -- This must be among Pat’s most fully realized all-synth tracks that I’ve got. It’s incredible what he does on this song - & the whole thing’s on synth! (I don’t know names of guitars). As always, it’s got that Pat swing to it. There’s a certain phrasing that Pat has always had; I’m not sure what to call it, but it’s been there since I first heard him play, & is swing at its heart, I guess. Anyway, this song starts in a way you don’t know just where it’s going, and Pat midway thru turns it into a solid blues/jazz groove. I’d forgotten how remarkable he plays on this Travels track.
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Mar 04 2014
at 12:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Yep, spot on. It’s a beautiful chord sequence that works well as a bossa actually. But I love the feel which is like a slow 4/4 samba played under 3/4. The guitar work is searingly brilliant, on the edge, totally committed and intense; kind of goes with the title of the song... the desperation of leaving loved ones, fear for the future. Killer track
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