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Mar 01 2014
at 4:27 AM
I enjoyed front row seats with my wife for this fantastic show -- I was very lucky to catch this show in my travels en route from LA to Napa. It made me especially eager for the upcoming Strathmore show in my home state of MD -- six front row tickets there as well :-) 2:45 on the button -- consistent with the other show reports. There was a small meet-and-greet group allowed backstage after the show but sadly (for me), I was not part of the group. I highly recommend everyone do everything they can to seen this live show. I suspect you will find it to be one of the greatest displays of musicianship you have ever witnessed, and I understand the audacity of that statement. Cheers. SPF
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Mar 21 2014
at 3:38 PM
Bookmark and Share seeing as Pat is going to go down as one of the greatest jazz guitarists (if not the greatest of all time) how would you expect anything else ? It’s kind of like seeing Tiger Woods at his best or Barry Sanders in his prime.
Mar 05 2014
at 4:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Since 1980, I have been lucky to see Pat play in various settings and bands 50 times. I have never been dissapointed. But for me, this concert ranks as one of the all time greats. Pat and the whole band seemed incredibly energized. This was probably helped by the numerous standing ovations that they received. I cannot recall seeing Pat play better on any occasion. Certainly he is the most jaw droppingly good guitarist that I have seen. Chris Potter is a monster (in the good sense.) His mastery of tenor and soprano saxes, bass clarinet and flute is awe inspiring. Antonio and Ben performed brilliantly. And Giulio is a great addition to the band. But beyond their phenominal musical mastery, what I got out of the performance was remarkable passion and emotional commitment from the band. For me, that is what matters the most; it is what draws me deep into the music. A word about the acoustics: yes, the Warfield Theater is lousy in that department. The sound engineer David Oakes did his usual great job of making the best of a bad situation. Despite the acoustic properties of the venue, I was completely transported by the music. One request for Pat and the band: please make a live DVD and CD of this tour!
Mar 03 2014
at 3:17 PM
Bookmark and Share I agree. I have seen Pat Metheny perform in concert 32 times over the past 25 years at multiple venues in San Francisco, Napa, Fort Collins, Denver and Los Angeles. This show at SF’s acoustically inadequate Warfield was, regardless among the top 3 for me, inspite of the Warfield’s muffled/hard sound. After a while, the music was so imposssibly good, I gave up grumbling about the sound mix. It’s a tough venue for engineers to mix right because from top to bottom the room sounds different... Anyway,. I know that Pat and his band hold themselves to very high standards, such that even on an "off" night, it will sound great. So imagine a night when the whole band is totally super "ON". That was this gig ! Stunning musicality and thrilling, emotionally gripping listening. I can see why Pat is playing with such joy. The band is on fire!!! When you are witnessing a show like this, where the music is so intensely heartfelt, inventive and musically brilliant, it’s like catching the perfect wave, or playing the perfect game. You are on deck and you know you are in the groove. You are in the zone. Everything is synced. All else dissappears. A GREAT concert from a GREAT artist will have that effect. Time and space disappear and it is just you and the music, the band feels it too. I am a performing musician too and have experienced this feeling from the stage. My guess is Pat and the band feel just as much gratitide towards us as we in the audience feel toward the band. Words can’t really express it. It’s a musical thing. It’s a special language. It the music of our lives. In real time.....And when the show is over, I donlt want to clap. I just want to take it with me in my soul and go back out in to the world, completely alive, and full of gratitude to have been present for such a musical journey.
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