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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Bruce Hornsby
Category: Other Musicians
From: Chuck Gainer (Waldorf, MD USA)

I've always been a fan of Bruce's music, so I was delighted when I discovered your guest appearances on his albums Harbor Lights and Hot House. Any comments about playing/recording with Bruce, and I'm curious why you aren't on his new album, which I haven't heard yet. Your web site is outstanding!!

Pat’s Answer:

hi chuck,

i loved working with bruce on those albums - it was a challenge for me; bruce's music is actually pretty hard - especially the solo at the end of the tune "harbor lights" - that is right up there with some of the hardest stuff i have ever had to solo over.

i am not on bruce's new record because we both joked that i jinxed his last two records with my too complicated guitar solos! maybe he will ask me next time - i hope so, cause i really enjoy working with him.