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--- Aug 14 2001 Go to category
Subject: Molde
Category: Touring
From: Dave  Stephens (UK)

Pat, just a note to say how much my friend Gary and I enjoyed seeing you in Molde, last month. It was a real treat to see seven of your gigs plus a workshop, in 49 hours! Is this a record?!!!

I have to say that the trio with Arild Anderson, and Paal Nilson-Love were the most exciting trio gigs I have ever seen you play! Perhaps it was the Norwegian air but it blew Gary and I away! Are there any realistic plans to record with those guys in the future?

Thanks for another wonderful summer holiday!


Pat’s Answer:

hi dave,

that was a pretty unbelievable week, and i really enjoyed everything about it. i was really happy to get the invitation to be the "artist in residence" there -- it is such a beautiful town and one of the worlds best festivals -- and i especially welcomed the chance to play with all the norwegian musicians.

the norwegians as a group have really distinguished themselves over the years as being serious towards this music and really committed to finding their own sound and way. this week gave me the chance to renew a few old friendships (arlid andersen, jan-erik kongshaug) and especially to meet and perfom with some of the newer guys.

you mentioned paal-nilssen love - i have to agree that i can't remember being that impressed by a young talent. his incredible creativity is matched by a sense of total responsibility towards the fundamentals of the music that is really special; he is a total joy to play with. he gave me a copy of his solo drumset album, "sticks and stones" which i recommend highly to anyone interested in hearing high level improvised solo playing.

the general level of playing by all the folks i got to play with there was exceptional, and i think we all had a good time exchanging ideas and working together, often with just a few hours of practice before going out onstage and playing.

i knew it was going to be fun, but in the end, it was one of the most memorable weeks of music making i have ever had. they did record a few of the gigs, including the trio gigs with arild and paal - who knows?

thanks for listening - and also making the trip all the way to from pat