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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Vicente Amigo
Category: General Questions
From: Arturo Mora (n/a)

I read your post about the guitar trio project with McLaughlin and De Lucia. Maybe the styles of both guitarists are quite different from yours, but have you ever thought in doing a record with Vicente Amigo? He's a great fan of yours (remember, he dedicated a tune to you in his second record, "Querido Metheny"), his style is smoother than Paco's and he has more of a jazz touch than any other flamenco guitarist. I watched him live in Madrid two years ago, with his band full of percussionists, a flute, a trumpet, a second guitarist, two voices, a dancer... I think the Pat Metheny - Vicente Amigo project could be the definitive fusion group. What do you think of it? Thank you

Pat’s Answer:

i LOVE vicent amigo. everything about what he does, his touch, his sound, his ideas, all knock me out. one of my real favorites. that song on his album was one of the best compliments i have ever recieved.