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--- Apr 02 2013 Go to category
Subject: Metheny/Mehldau
Category: General Questions
From: Attila Nemeth (Hungary)

Dear Pat,

I have been wondering if the Complete Metheny/Mehldau Sessions cd will ever come out, including the three missing quartet tunes if there are 12 tunes for each sets - duo and quartet. I am sure the missing tunes would be worth listening to as well.

You have also mentioned a few times in interviews a possible live album. Is it in your radar already or not just yet? Is there a chance that it would be a double album?

Thanks for the good music, the orchestrion DVD is mind- boggling, I am looking forward to the cd version!

Best wishes, Attila

Pat’s Answer:

This is another one that I really need to get to - yes, we recorded a whole tour and I would love to get a release out there from that. There just has not been time for me to get it together. More than almost any project I can think of, this really evolved from the initial recording over the course of our time together. One thing that might be a bit forgotten regarding the two recordings that came out was that it was literally a documentation of the first notes we ever played together. The fact that we ended up with two albums worth of material in just a couple of days said a lot about how well it went and that trajectory of evolution continued exponentially over the tour. I think that is one that if you didn't see it live you really didn't experience what it was. Brad is one of the best musicians I have ever been around and we are always talking about the next time we will get a chance to do something together, hopefully in the not too distant future.