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--- Feb 07 2013 Go to category
Subject: recording with an operatic performer
Category: General Questions
From: christopher gast (Paris, KY/USA)

Hey Pat, I’d like to ask if you would ever consider doing a work with an operatic performer. If you read any on the American Garage portion of this site someone asked what rock band they could see you playing with. I threw out the idea of doing something with someone like Andrea Bocelli. Ever thought of this and do you think this could/would work? Of course it would have to be with the right opera singer and with the right musical score. Just think’n. Hope to see a response to this and thanks for your music.

Pat’s Answer:

Hi Christopher. Renee Fleming came to one of my concerts one time and has worked with several of my associates along the way, so she comes to mind. But she is a special case because she comes to jazz or even pop as someone who really follows it and seems able to adapt to just about anything which is a rare quality that sets her apart in her field. In general, I would say that it would be a challenge for me and at the same time I can sort of imagine it. Some of my favorite music ever is in that general area.