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--- Feb 07 2013 Go to category
Subject: Acoustic guitars that you use
Category: Guitars
From: Andreas Hedeby Johansson (Stockholm, Sweden)

Hi Pat! First let me say I’m a huge fan of yours and you’re a great inspiration to a young aspiring jazz-guitarist and musician :).

I was just wondering what guitar you used on "Travels" from the Trio 99-00 album? The sound of that guitar and your playing is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard, pure art. I know you use Linda Manzer’s guitars, is that the one on this track? I badly want a guitar like the one you use. Also wondering about the guitars used on the "A quiet night" album? Just as marvelous there ;) Thank you! Kind regards, Andreas.

Pat’s Answer:

Hi Andreas. Yes, the instruments you are referencing are all Linda Manzer guitars. She is the greatest builder out there. Her instruments have a very unique quality that I think you can hear distinctly on the recordings you mention. There is a balance and clarity there that I have never experienced with any other guitar. Glad you are enjoying the music. Pat