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--- Apr 02 2013 Go to category
Subject: Soprano Guitar
Category: Guitars
From: Richard England (Melbourne Australia)

Dear Pat (or other readers), What tunes do you use the soprano guitar on? I recently made one at a workshop and have transcribed "A Map of the World", "No Calej Polaci Snieg", and "Polskie Drogi". I’m hunting through my records for more tunes but haven’t found any so far. It’s a wonderful sound.

Pat’s Answer:

Hi Richard. Not exactly the same guitar - the one you are referring to is a Manzer - but both In Her Family and Letter from Home are both tunes I wrote on piano and the only way I could eventually play them on guitar was to use an extended range instrument like the sopranos you are talking about. In both of those cases it was the Ibanez mini PM20. I actually tune that one an entire octave higher - the Manzer is just a 4th or 5th higher. Thanks from Pat