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--- Apr 02 2013 Go to category
Subject: Unity Band Songobook, when?
Category: Composing
From: Jason Kessler (Italy)

Good morning from Italy Mr. Metheny! You’re simply a genius, and your music is with me in the last 25 years (i’m 33...). I really don’t know wht else to say expect THANK YOU. Are you’re going to make a Unity Band Songbook? With my band we are trying to put on a “Pat Metheny Tribute band”, and having the sheets music would help a lot! Thank you for everything, I was this summer in San Marino...wonderfull, i’m also a big fan of Chris Potter ( Iplay the saxophone, in my opinion he’s simply the best right now!) I knew that after recording Arena with Antonio Sanchez you two guys were going to do something together!

Ciao and hope to listen you soon. Jason

Pat’s Answer:

Hi Jason,

There are really a lot of requests for a "Unity Band" songbook coming in. I am going to do my best to get one out there as soon as possible! Thanks for writing. Pat