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--- Feb 07 2013 Go to category
Subject: Acoustic guitar sound from "Wish
Category: Recordings
From: Ernesto Chirif

Hi Pat! First i wanna say thank you so very much for all your beautiful music. I was just wondering what guitar, amp and setting you used in redman’s album "Wish". I just love your sound in that album, it’s so bluesy and acoustic. I would love to know what amp you were using to generate that great acoustic quality, besides your great hands! Thank you very much!

Pat’s Answer:

Hi Ernesto. Thanks, I appreciate that. That recording was a little different and I have never been sure if the guitar sound on that record was ideal or not but I am glad you liked it. I used a condenser mic on the guitar and featured it quite a bit more than I usually would. I especially liked the two live tracks at the end of that record, especially the blues with Charlie. Pat