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DeCap Brothers Herentals / Walter Hus



Among the many adventures of the Orchestrion project was the chance to meet many of the other musicians and inventors who are working on new instruments. There are some incredible people out there working on amazing things. But by far the most interesting folks working in this area that I met along the way were from Belgium – the DeCap family has been making instruments for more than 100 years and have taken the whole idea of how to best achieve a musical result to the 21st century. The level of dynamic detail to their instruments, the craftsmanship and general implementation of the tech required puts their work in a class utterly by itself. And composer Walter Hus has applied his extraordinary gifts to their instruments to create something really new and beautiful. Walter brings a fluency in formal knowledge combined with deep creativity to this platform that gives it wings. The day that I spent with them at their factory and then Walter’s studio were a highlight of the year. Visit their sites to learn more: DeCap Brothers Herentals / Walter Hus