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With the release of TRIO 99>00, Metheny matches the heights of those previous trio releases and then some. This recording has some of the most impressive modern jazz improvising ever laid down on that sometimes unwieldy-for-the-task six-string monster. We have never heard Metheny more at home with his over and under the bar line phrasing and apparently endless flow of melody. There are also startling new developments in the areas of octave displacement and a general intervallic command that is essentially new - and a harmonic fluency that would be rare for the best improvising saxophonists, practically unheard of in a guitarist. Mixed in with the already highly-refined sense of melodic development that Metheny shares with just a handful of modern improvisers is a fearless and exuberant sense of rhythmic purpose and direction that allows him to play chorus after chorus of ideas that are as fresh as they are swinging. Make no mistake about it; this is some of the most satisfying Metheny ever committed to tape, which at this point is really saying something.

On TRIO 99>00, Metheny is matched with a rhythm section that includes two of the most impressive members of the thriving New York scene of musicians who have absorbed the tradition and yet remain actively committed to adding elements of their own musical world to it without resorting to a simple mimicking of previous styles; bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Bill Stewart.