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Apr 19 2012
at 8:15 PM
Saw him and his group last Friday at the Regattabar. Great performance. I have been listening to his new CD. Beautifull recording. If you like PMG you will love this CD. Beautiful melodies, harmonies and orchestrations. Check it out!
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Nov 13 2023
at 9:21 AM
Bookmark and Share Once again I saw Gregoire with the Harold Lopez-Nussa Quartet with the same line-up as the show in 2021. Maret was outstanding and pulled used an Echoplex(?) to play some very cool effects. They didn’t sound like an Harmonica. Several solos by him were excellent and were a great demonstration of circular breathing. After one solo Harold fanned him with a towel. He was out of breath and took a short break and rehydrated. It was a great show and was probably the best I saw bassist Luques Curtis play. Same with Harold and his brother Ruy, great show.
Nov 11 2021
at 9:23 AM
Bookmark and Share I agree, Americana is one great album!
Nov 06 2021
at 7:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey AKAKAK, You said it was his "new" CD. Are you referring to "Americana" with Frisell & Colin? His CD titled "Gregoire Maret" is from 2012. Just wondering which one you are referring to. Thanks,
Nov 04 2021
at 8:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Last night I caught Gregoire with the Harold Lopez-Nussa Quartet at the Old Town School of Folk Music. The band was tight and having a lot of fun. Harold is a young pianist from Cuba and his brother plays drums. Luques Curtis was the bassist and Gregoire played Harmonica. They were great. On one song he had an extended solo that was excellent and he was using circular breathing. When the solo ended the audience kept up the applause for a least a minute. He was standing next to the piano and you could tell he was winded. I saw him about five years ago with Cassandra Wilson and he played an incredible solo on St. James Infirmary. I have seen Howard Levy several times and I think Gregoire is as good as Howard, maybe better.
Chris Digger
Apr 27 2012
at 3:46 PM
Bookmark and Share CD is self-titled: Gregoire Maret.
Apr 23 2012
at 5:39 PM
Bookmark and Share What is the title of the CD? Thanks
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