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Mar 24 2024
at 5:10 AM
Seems to me the violin is the most intimate of instruments. The player’s head and ears are about as close as the musician can get to the instrument, where he or she can hear so closely, and feel the vibration of the wood and strings. In a similar vein, I think that’s part of the reason Pat bends so fully over the acoustic as he plays (magnificently, I must add) -- something that was very evident on the Dream Box tour. Thoughts?
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Jun 10 2024
at 11:59 AM
Bookmark and Share The Daffodil and the Eagle, Happiness is being together.... the title of this post reminds me of those and others found on Natural Elements with Shakti, some great violin / guitar interplay on that outing between John McLaughlin and L Shankar. Very different vibe to Pat on acoustic though, but nonetheless was something I enjoyed many years ago when I first heard it.
Mar 25 2024
at 11:08 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s interesting that Pat does have phrasing on some songs here and there that a violinist could play, like "Antonia" and "Expansion" from Orchestrion. For "Imaginary Day" Pat had Linda Manzer make a fretless nylon string guitar, but there was little sustain on the notes. This was resolved by making a violin-like bridge and tailpiece. Then Pat ran the guitar through distortion & chorus to make it sound more violin-like. Even Ornette Coleman played violin on the Song X tune "Mob Job."
Mar 25 2024
at 9:55 AM
Bookmark and Share I believe that when you hold an acoustic guitar affects how it sounds. The tighter you hold it to your body the less the Body of the guitar vibrates. I am not a guitarist, but it seems when Pat hunches over his acoustic guitars the sound is more pure with less overtones from the guitar body vibrating. I am not sure if I described it correctly musically.
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