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Mar 19 2024
at 6:03 PM
I just Pre-ordered Pat’s new record MoonDial. Pretty much all I need to know is that Pat has a new record. You can listen to the song MoonDial on YouTube and it mentions it is a solo Baritone Guitar recording much like One Quiet Night. Looks like mostly new original songs by Pat and several tunes written by others. Pre-Order at Pat’s Store.
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May 22 2024
at 10:31 AM
Bookmark and Share A recent issue of JazzWise magazine had a short, but very good article on MoonDial. I found it online with a Google search. Check it out.
Apr 04 2024
at 6:16 AM
Bookmark and Share "The White House on Tuesday directed NASA to establish a unified standard of time for the moon...." Not only is Pat a pretty good musician and composer, he’s also something of a prophet. Set your dials, folks.
Mar 20 2024
at 10:44 PM
Bookmark and Share This morning I received an email from the webmaster from Pat’s website. There was a link for Pat’s comments on the MoonDial record. He plays his new Manzer Nylon-String Baritone Guitar on the record. I remember at the Dream Box Tour show that he explained the challenges of producing a Nylon-String Baritone Guitar and then played one or two songs on the new guitar. The email also mentioned that the European portion of the current tour is now Dream Box MoonDial Tour and more dates to be added soon. The Spring US tour is only Dream Box Tour. Pat explains that this record is very mellow and was recorded late at night and early morning. Ideal for listening at those times of the day. I am really looking forward to receiving it and now will order two more copies for gifts to my friends.
Mar 20 2024
at 12:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Just listened to the released cut "MoonDial". Amazing composition, incredible playing, and what an interesting tuning! Pat has an incredible ability to put a compact orchestra in his hands, time signatures moving all over the place and little pools and eddies of movements and changes. Also love the late night/spiritual aspect Pat talks about as that’s always my best time listening and feeling music.
Mar 20 2024
at 9:18 AM
Bookmark and Share Upon further review, the track list for MoonDial is at the Store when you Click on the record. Seven songs written by Pat and six by others including Here, There And Everywhere. July is a long way off, but I am sure it will be another great solo record from Pat. Several dates are now billed as Dream Box/MoonDail Tour or Dream Box Tour/MoonDail Tour.
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