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SUBJECT: Pat at Berks Jazzfest 4/6 Back to Subjects
Mar 11 2024
at 5:56 PM
For anyone interested or living in the SE Pa area, Pat is going to be playing at the Berks Jazzfest on 4/6. As of today, there are a few seats still available. He’ll be playing at the Scottish Rite Theatre, just outside Reading, where he has performed before and has free parking. The Berks Jazzfest is a 10 day top notch festival that’s been around for 32 years and is featuring musicians like Joey Alexander, Dave Stryker, Christian McBride and Marcus Miller this year. Def worth checking out.
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Mar 17 2024
at 9:07 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ll be there for that! :-P. Make note folks. Since this is a music festival and there’s multiple performances and multiple venues each for each day, the start time for the show is 6:00PM, not the usual concert start time of 8:00PM. So if anyone goes, plan your travel and arrival accordingly.
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