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SUBJECT: Jim Beard passed away. Back to Subjects
Mar 06 2024
at 7:55 PM
Secret Story Tour co-keyboardist Jim Beard passed away on Saturday March 2. Born in the Philly Metro area, in Ridley Park, PA, he was a fantastic keyboardist, arranger, writer and producer. I saw him on the Secret Story tour playing alongside Gil Goldstein, and he was played keyboards for John Scofield when they played the Chestnut Cabaret during the "Loud Jazz" period. He also produced most of Mike Stern’s & the late Bob Berg’s solo records. I also recommend buying Beard’s solo record "Truly" as that album featured David Blamires & the late Mark Ledford. His recent work had been as a touring keyboardist with Steely Dan. Quite a loss. Deepest condolences to his family and all that knew him.
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Mar 11 2024
at 3:56 PM
Bookmark and Share I hope I can post this here, as this has ties to PMG. Via Creed Taylor & Atlantic Records, Jim Beard was involved in a series of video albums. Jim was the leader of an All- Star group called Chroma and the concert was recorded in Japan & released the following year. Jim Beard-Keys. Bass- Mark Egan (PMG), Mark Ledford-voice &m.i., Mino Cinelu-voice-percussion (PMG "Imaginary Day" & Weather Report), Dennis Chambers-drums, Bob Berg-sax, Randy Brecker-trumpet, john Herington & Mike Stern-guitars. It was released on laserdisc, compact disc & VHS tape.
Mar 09 2024
at 3:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Very sad about this... he was barely 60. I saw him with Brecker Brothers, Steely Dan and of course Pat during the Secret Story tour. He’s on umpteen great records including Mike Stern’s albums. His own stuff is inventive and colourful and really worth a listen. A superb player who was so involved in the inner workings of the music not just blowing the changes, though of course he was great at that too!
Mar 08 2024
at 8:53 AM
Bookmark and Share "Secret Story" gig in Zurich... Spring 3 gig I have ever witnessed in all my concert going life....Jim and Gil Goldstein had some heavy shifting to do to cover the orchestration parts.....indeed quite a loss with Jim’s passing...
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