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SUBJECT: ’Slip Away’ a hit in South Africa! Back to Subjects
Jan 25 2024
at 7:03 PM
There’s a house music version of Slip Away that’s a big hit in South African clubs. They sampled most of the tune and chords. I don’t know if Pat is credited anyway or whether its official but I guess it honours Metheny in its own way. Great that people are hearing his music!
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Mar 31 2024
at 9:16 PM
Bookmark and Share Funny enough I first got in to Pat Metheny through samples, especially this one: I still think it’s respectful and respectable enough - used to play it in DJ sets all the time in the early 00s, actually was just listening to it in the car earlier on. All fully licensed and cleared as far as I know.
Jan 28 2024
at 10:05 AM
Bookmark and Share i was thinking the very same thing!
Jan 28 2024
at 5:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Here, another big fan of Slip away. But I’m not sure if Iwant to listen a Club version.
Jan 26 2024
at 1:14 PM
Bookmark and Share ’slip away’ gets my vote for the most underrated pat tune of em all.
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