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Oct 17 2023
at 12:50 AM
Anytime I see this ‘moniker’ ….smooth jazzz…. I cringe !!! Do NOT anyone call Pat’s music smooth jazz !!!! But I was looking for venues around Florida and up came many smooth jazz aficionado sites…. Anyways, I guess Pat’s music as ‘sacred’ and distinct from anything like that !
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Dec 03 2023
at 9:54 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan, I feel the same when someone says Pat plays Smooth Jazz. Personally I think the word "Jazz" should be removed and replaced with "Music" or "Muzak". Several years ago Downbeat reviewed a new Kenny G record in their Hot Box, where one reviewer does a full review and three other reviewers do brief reviews. They received several letters to the editor (Chords & Discords) from readers that berated Downbeat from reviewing a Kenny G record. I agreed 100percent and should have sent a letter also.
Oct 29 2023
at 9:01 PM
Bookmark and Share As a solid Pat fan, thanks for responding ….. I don’t like the term inherently, even though I can identify many Pat tunes as ‘smooth’. …. Back in the day, well, maybe Letter from Home, one,which I indeed thought was smooth and didn’t initially love …but now love it. Well, Pat himself opines on the subject , responding to the defunct Q and A., … He doesn't like the term, mainly because he doesn’t want ‘ guilt by association ‘ with so much lame music labelled as such… Cheers… I
Oct 19 2023
at 11:05 AM
Bookmark and Share I do belive that one of Pat’s grammys was in the Smooth Jazz catagory. Some music in that genre is quite good (same can be said for New Age). Think "Girl Next Door".
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