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Jul 29 2023
at 11:49 AM
Is anyone else out there just in love with this tune? I haven’t been able to stop playing it since ’From This Place’ was released. The opening so reminiscent of "Last Train Home" leading to Pat’s beautiful opening statement of the melody followed by Linda May Han Oh’s gorgeous solo just blew me away and when I heard them play it live the audience was riveted. Then bubbling up to the surface comes that incredible life force that is Antonio Sanchez and the tune gains intensity with Antonio driving the song, crashing and thrashing, all the way to its conclusion. "Sixty-six" still often brings tears to my eyes and it’s now joined the list of all-time favorite Pat tunes.
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May 20 2024
at 12:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Yossarian: I was sitting in my car this morning before an appointment listening to “Sixty-six” and while listening went back to this conversation and was struck by what you said about the mood of the record. I had commented that it was “wistful and melancholy”, but what you said may be closer to the mark. Pat’s music, to me, has always been so hopeful and optimistic and this recording was a departure from that, though beautiful in every way and a wonderful recording.
Nov 27 2023
at 9:11 AM
Bookmark and Share Sixty-Six gets my vote as a favorite track on the record. Linda May Han Oh’s bass solo on the song is outstanding. I think every song on the record are excellent and rank as some of Pat’s best compositions ever.
facing west
Nov 24 2023
at 9:22 AM
Bookmark and Share I agree that Sixty-Six is one of Pat’s standout tracks, and From This Place is up there with his best work, if not his very best. I love the thought process behind the album. Take a road-tested band into the studio to play new compositions written especially for them. Then leave room for orchestration. It seems Antonio Sanchez reaches new heights on this record, it that’s possible. The ’hope & beauty’ quotient is super high. I find it interesting that some people have a hard time with something as beautiful as Love May Take Awhile. In a way, it’s almost daring.
Nov 22 2023
at 11:02 PM
Bookmark and Share yossarian: I totally agree with you review of From This Place. The entire record is excellent, pat’s best compositions and arrangements, beautiful playing by all including the orchestra and perfectly recorded. My favorite Pat record. The other day I Googled "Pat Metheny, From This Place, reviews and I did a quick scan of all the reviews on the first page. All of them said Pat’s best or finest and great comments on everything you and I mentioned. I would love to hear the record played live with a great orchestra like the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
Nov 17 2023
at 7:43 PM
Bookmark and Share 66 is a fantastic tune and very moving, brilliant bass solo and Pat and Antonio are in the stratosphere later on. The whole album is one of Pat’s very best away from the group – as good as Secret Story in my view, maybe better. Every single track is fantastic, great arrangements, brilliant memorable moments in all solos, twists in melodies, perfect mixing. It’s strange that it was the soundtrack to Covid for me, and helped me get over the passing of Lyle Mays to some extent. There’s lots of hope and beauty on the record but I feel You Are and America Undefined express something dark and malevolent, I couldn’t help associate those two tracks with the ugly destructive forces and heightened emotions brought to the fore by Trump. There’s a dream of what America can be in most of Pat’s music, but at moments I felt here there was a nightmare too. But then tunes like Far and Wide took me back to the happy place.
Aug 10 2023
at 3:15 PM
Bookmark and Share After my Rotator Cuff surgery, I still can’t play an Acoustic Bass (Upright). Then again I couldn’t play one before my surgery. Old joke updated. Actually my surgery, PT and Work Conditioning went very well. Minimal infrequent pain, usually caused by not moving enough.
Aug 09 2023
at 5:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc: Thanks for the info about the database! Very cool and I quickly learned that my first PMG show was in 1983, instead of 1984, which I always thought, at The Mann, in Philly. And the fabulous setlist became my personal greatest PMG hits: Goodbye, Phase Dance, AYGWM, Fist Circle, on and on. Too bad I wasn’t at the time familiar with any of it. I’ll be visiting the database often. Very grateful. Read on that long thread that you’ve had rotator cuff surgery. I’m having my left shoulder done next Tuesday after having the right one done almost 6 years ago. Hope yours was successful and you’re all recovered. My first one was kind of nightmarish, but fine eventually.
Aug 08 2023
at 6:06 PM
Bookmark and Share tomm & jcoyle231: I found a great resource for filling in the blanks in my Pat Metheny Concert Chronology. Google Pat Metheny Database and go to the Chronology link. I don’t know where Marc Morvan gets all the information at this site, but it is very extensive. It shows dates, cities, venues, band lineup, set list (sometimes) and length of show. It has helped me greatly recreate my concert history. After fifty shows in forty-six years I have forgotten some details and sometimes many details. It is difficult for me to pick my favorite shows, but Unity Band, Side-Eye, From This Place quartet, have been my recent favorites. It may be easier for me to do it by decades like my favorite Pat records list. I am sur the Dream Box Tour show in October will make my list. I
Aug 07 2023
at 10:24 PM
Bookmark and Share If my count is right, the Dream Box concert in October will be my 12th time to see Pat. The most memorable was seeing the Day Trip trio from front row center. Close second was seeing Pat and Antonio at Eric Clapton’s first Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl - he played immediately after Larry Carlton and John McLaughlin (who stood just off stage with a big smile on his face watching Pat).
Aug 05 2023
at 10:03 AM
Bookmark and Share Marc: Impressive! Wish I had kept a more complete record of the shows I’ve gone to instead of just the ticket stubs. Looking back on all the PMG configurations over the years I’d have to say my favorite would have to be the last one for The Way Up recording with Cuong Vu, Gregoire Maret, and Nando Lauria. Next favorite would be the Speaking of Now Group with Richard Bona and Vu. Pat’s Unity Band, with Chris Potter, Ben Williams, and Antonio was fabulous. Signals just blew me away and, as noted before, the From This Place quartet I hope he can bring together again. The Dream Box tour will be a very different experience, I assume, and I’m greatly looking forward to it. Cheers!
Aug 03 2023
at 10:34 PM
Bookmark and Share jcoyle231: I just checked at my recently updated Pat Metheny file. I have seen eight versions of the Pat Metheny Group, seven versios of the PM Trio (2 Side-Eye), and four versions of PM quartets. Also saw Pat with Joni Mitchell, Gary Burton reunion quartet and Parallel Realities with Herbie Hancock, Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette. Also some other of Pat’s groups, including Secret Story. October first will be my first time seeing Pat do a whole solo show.
Aug 03 2023
at 1:13 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan: I know what you mean. Outside of my immediate family I only know two people who even know who he is and they’re not active listeners or people who often see him live. My wife is not a fan at all and I at least have my youngest daughter to share this passion with and she’s gone to many shows with me over the years. Seeing him in concert and visiting this site to be among knowing and appreciative fans is both a comfort and an outlet for my love of his music. I’m grateful.
Aug 02 2023
at 11:55 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan: Admitting I was a Methhead almost got me into rehab. For forty-six consecutive years I have been a fan of Pat. Never saw the trio with Jaco, but so them together on the Joni Mitchell tour. Fifty times live and never disappointed (100percent satisfied. I sponsored his Unity Group show in Chicago in 2014 and got to go backstage after the show and meet Pat and the band. They signed the show poster and I have two photos of me and Pat. Beautiful person and very humble. Coolest thing I have ever done. Pat’s music has been there through the good and bad all those 46 years. I agree with all the posts here at the AG. Like Frank Sinatra sang "The Best Is Yet To Come". I can’t wait or predict what he will do next.
Aug 02 2023
at 4:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Back closer to when this recording came out, there were a few weeks where I had Sixty-Six on repeat in the car. It was all I listened to on the way to work and on the way home. I absolutely fell in love with this track.
Aug 02 2023
at 3:33 PM
Bookmark and Share tiny_tim: Liked your "wipe the tears from my cheeks" comment. Happens to me all the time. Who writes more beautiful melodies or is better at building and releasing tension or ratcheting up the momentum of a tune than Pat? How many times have you listened to a PM tune and thought it was going to be over only for it to go soaring and soaring some more for minutes? And how many musicians have launched highly successful careers after playing with him?
Aug 01 2023
at 11:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Oh yeh, I love the word ‘Metheniac’ to describe my condition, For 45 years. I listen to Pat ‘s artistry at least 1 hour a day as I’m driving. His artistry plays a unique role in my musical approach to life. However, in contrast to myself I am totally puzzled by the lack of knowing few if any who are fans…..even though I know there are many out there .. I even have a neighbor who is a Berkley Jazz Grad and blue grass musician who is not a fan but clearly states Pat is the best Jazz guitarist in the world.
Jul 31 2023
at 9:17 PM
Bookmark and Share MarcNebo and rickys: Thanks for your posts. Marc you’ve got me by several years. I only go back to 1984 and the First Circle tour. If I Could was the first song of his I was exposed to and when I heard First Circle live in Philly it was a life changing event. I think I’ve seen him now between 20 and 25 times. Caught the current Side-Eye in Delaware and Joe Dyson was a revelation. Almost as fun to watch as Antonio. Looking forward to seeing him again in September on his solo tour. Long may he continue playing and recording. From This Place has become a favorite of mine, too. Almost every song is just gorgeous and a wistful, almost melancholy, mood is sustained throughout the recording. It was good to hear the distinctive harmonica of Gregoire Maret again. I really hope he can reassemble that quartet for another recording and tour. And Pat is my favorite living musician with the enigmatic and idiosycratic Keith Jarrett a somewhat distant second.
Jul 30 2023
at 11:16 PM
Bookmark and Share jcoyle231 & rickys; I agree with both of your posts, From This Place is currently my favorite Pat record. I think this is his best record composition-wise. All the musicians are excellent whether soloing or in ensemble playing. I have been following Pat for 46 years now and in June I caught Side-Eye twice. The second show was my fiftieth (confirmed) Pat show. Pat is my favorite Jazz musician by far the past 46 years and I can’t think of any musician more prolific in any genre than Pat (maybe JS Bach, but I never caught him live). I still can’t predict what he will do next and about the only thing he hasn’t done is a big band.
Jul 30 2023
at 10:56 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, this tune is in my Metheny Hall of Fame charts....flowing transitions, nods to the past, Linda Oh’s so"u"lo, and that classic build up to the denouement that just goes beyond the sonicsphere...... then the.....catch your breath moment.....and then the wipe the tears from your many charts like this by Pat....and with Lyle too as composer/co-composer...what a beautiful, other universe Pat provides us.... ....
Jul 30 2023
at 9:32 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes !! Couldn’t agree with you more....the Metheny genius is on full display on this tune....I’ve probably listened to it hundreds of times and it blows me away every time I hear it. The Hollywood symphony orchestra does such a phenomenal job on this composition ! Been a Metheniac for 38 years and nobody, I mean NOBODY even comes close to Pat. The man changed my life.
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