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Jun 15 2023
at 10:39 AM
Out now. Listening to the album. Quitessential Metheny. Very nice. Second track ‘From the mountains’ has some quotes of ‘My funny valentine’.
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Mar 20 2024
at 2:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Frisell’s "Ghost Town" is a fantastic solo album. Highly recommended.
Oct 10 2023
at 12:09 PM
Bookmark and Share In MOHO, Bill Frisell Ghost Town is better choice than Music IS
Oct 09 2023
at 9:18 PM
Bookmark and Share The last three days I listened to Dream Box, then Frisell’s Music IS (solo0 and John Scofield’s Solo. I liked Music IS the least mainly due to the music being somewhat monotonous and too many other instruments and effects. I liked the Sco record, but his Loops were short and repetitive. The songs were very good, mostly covers. Dream Box was by far my favorite. Beautiful and semi-complex harmony parts with quiet electric guitar playing the melody. My favorite song is Morning Of The Carnival. I noticed near the end of the song either he plays a different electric guitar or the Baritone Guitar is playing the melody and electric guitar is playing the harmony. Did anyone else notice that? It’s another solo masterpiece from Pat.
Oct 03 2023
at 8:41 AM
Bookmark and Share I was able to hold out listening to Dream Box until after I saw his show on Sunday. I started listening to it after I got home Sunday night and finished listening Monday night. Excellent and beautiful record. In the past few years I bought Bill Frisell’s solo record Music IS and John Scofield’s Solo. Sco and Frisell used Loops to add layers to the music while Pat laid down the harmony track below the melody. Dream Box is my favorite of the three records. I read several articles (including the Liner Notes) where Pat said it is very difficult to play an electric guitar quietly. After listening to the entire record, Pat nailed it. I really thought it could have been acoustic guitars on many of the tracks. Another excellent solo record from Pat.
Jul 06 2023
at 11:28 PM
Bookmark and Share I am still planning to hold out until after the show October 1st before I listen to the record. Has anyone who played it been able to distinguish the different guitars Pat used on the record? I found photographs of the three vintage guitars, so when I see the show I will be able to recognize them.
Jun 29 2023
at 12:29 PM
Bookmark and Share I just read a great review of Dream Box in the weekly All About Jazz newsletter. It said it was an excellent addition to Pat’s solo discography and is very different from his past solo records. I am still trying to holdout and not listen to the CD until after his solo show in Chicago on October 1st. I’ll let you know if I crack before then. I like a challenge once in awhile.
Jun 21 2023
at 10:19 AM
Bookmark and Share yea guys, it’s the same song, written by luis bonfa & lyricist antonio maria . . . . . over the years it has had many names such as manha de carnaval, a day in the life of a fool, morning of the carnival, and theme from black orpheus . . . . it’s pretty much a ’standard’ these days of the samba/bossa persuasion . . . . . i personally recommend stan getz’s glistening version from his and gary mcfarland’s brilliant album from 1962 called ’big band bossa nova’.
Jun 20 2023
at 7:26 AM
Bookmark and Share Same tune, tomm, or a derivative. According to the internet, it’s been done by scads of people since 1969, and since it’s on the internet it MUST be true. ;) -- Love Rankin, btw.
Jun 19 2023
at 6:48 PM
Bookmark and Share I thought the first time I listened to DreamBox that one song sounded very familiar, but I couldn’t immediately recall where I’d heard it. After listening to it several times now, "Morning of the Carnival" is very similar to a song I first heard on a Kenny Rankin CD - "A Day In The Life of a Fool". Anyone else familiar with that song and hear a resemblence?
Jun 16 2023
at 5:36 AM
Bookmark and Share Pensive, joyful, dreamy ;), seldom melancholic, beautiful melodies. This is one of Pat’s solo albums I’ll return to often. I love it.
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