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May 10 2023
at 11:33 PM
This year I have been trying to save more money so will be going for quality shows over quantity. This week I will see the Billy Childs Quartet (with Sean Jones, one of my favorite trumpet players) on Thursday, Dave Holland & Kenny Barron duo and Dave with Kevin Eubanks and Eric Harland (double-bill) Friday and the Joe Farnsworth Quintet on Sunday.
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Dec 21 2023
at 12:01 AM
Bookmark and Share Last Sunday I caught the annual Tim Warfield’s Jazzy Christmas show at the Jazz Showcase. Once again it was an excellent show with an all-star band (with several substitutions). They play Christmas songs and a Hanakkuh song with excellent improvising. It made it to my Top 25 List, but didn’t change Pat’s Top Three shows.
Dec 03 2023
at 8:34 AM
Bookmark and Share Even after Benny Green’s excellent show and a lot of other excellent and great shows, Pat still holds the top three positions in my Best Jazz Shows for 2023. The past ten years I had to select my top twenty shows from an average of 150 bands that I saw. This year I saw so many great to excellent shows that I took a lot of work to compile a Top Twenty List, so I made it a Top Thirty List. Pat Dream Box Tour was #1, Side-Eye (local venue) #2 and Side-Eye (road trip or away show) #3. That portion was easy. I am looking forward to some great shows in 2024.
Nov 20 2023
at 10:40 AM
Bookmark and Share Last night I caught Benny Green in a solo piano performance. He paid tributes to his favorite pianist, but put his own sound to the songs. It was an excellent show and his dexterity at very fast tempos was amazing. After one fast song a audience member shouted "showoff" and his response was "what did I do." Benny is an excellent pianist and very personable also. I spoke to him after the show and confirmed that I was responsible for getting him booked at the venue. I frequently recommend Jazz musicians to the person at the venue who is responsible for booking all the acts. If you get a chance go see Benny Green or pickup one of his records.
Nov 19 2023
at 3:16 PM
Bookmark and Share yossarian: This year I saw a lot less shows than usual. In US for me it wasn’t cost of living, it was cost of the tickets. The ticket prices were okay, but the "service charges" were about 30percent. So this year I did quality shows over quantity and saved a lot of money. I only saw two Chicago-based bands and by 12/31/2023 will have only thirty-two dates for the year. My band count was higher because of an opening act or multiple bands on the bill. I am glad I did it as I had some more Hospital ER visits an another surgery.
Nov 19 2023
at 2:20 PM
Bookmark and Share HAMBONE What did you think of Isaiah J Thompson (pianist) with the John Pizzarelli Trio? When I saw the trio several months back I was very impressed by Isaiah. His debut record, The Power Of The Spirit is excellent and in my Top 5 Jazz Records Of 2023. Did Pizzarelli do an encore, Last Train Home or James? When I saw him he played both songs. Nothing better than seeing Pat three times this year. I caught Side-Eye twice in one week and the Dream Box Tour show October 1.
Nov 18 2023
at 10:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Last night I caught the Brad Mehldau Trio in Chicago. Very good show, but Brad wasn’t feeling well. Larry Grenadier was excellent as always. Brad wasn’t up to attending the post-concert discussion/interview. Tomorrow Benny Green solo piano at venue eight minute walk from my condominium.
Nov 17 2023
at 7:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Not really jazz but last night I saw Norah Jones in London. Brian Blade was on drums. It was a superb gig, Norah in top form, and Blade giving superb nuanced support. Dan Iead guitar and slide, and Chris Morrisey on double bass completed a superb band. Not been a great year for jazz gigs for me, 2023 but as usual I loved Mike Stern at Ronnie Scotts in April. Chris Potter was ace at Ronnies too and Richard Bona was good at Jazz Cafe but I feel I’ve missed out on a lot this year... notably Joshua Redman, Esperanza Spalding’s Wayne Shorter thing, Steve Gadd at Ronnies. Cost of living crisis is part of the problem! I’ve seen some great local acts though. Pat didn’t make it to the UK this year - his gig at Hammersmith last year still looms large in my memory, an incredible night.
Nov 16 2023
at 1:36 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m fortunate to live in an area where jazz and music are presented live abundantly. The Berks Jazz always features great musicians and this year I saw Samara Joy, John Pizarelli with Katherine Russell, the Wooten Brothers and the Stanley Clarke band. Next year Pat is going to be here. I also saw the Chucho Valdez trio and most recently Shakti at 50 with John McLaughlin. If there’s nothing in that mix that gets your attention then you don’t like jazz!
Nov 14 2023
at 11:52 AM
Bookmark and Share I think I may have died and went to heaven! Two weekends ago, I saw Pat’s Dream Box and last weekend - Brad Mehldau Trio - all in Berkeley (my backyard). Can’t get better than that! Next up is a Kenny Barron “listening party” in January and a concert in Feb. Then, Brad Mehldau solo in Feb.
Nov 13 2023
at 9:29 AM
Bookmark and Share Last night I saw the Harold Lopez-Nussa Quartet at City Winery Chicago. Excellent show with an excellent band. Bassist Luques Curtis (Donald Harrison), Gregoire Maret, Harmonica extraordinaire, pianist Harold and his brother Ruy on Drums. Extremely tight band. The rest of my review will be posted under "Gregoire Maret". It made my Top 20 List (placement TBD 12/31/23). I didn’t see as many shows this year, quality over quantity. A lot of great shows.
Oct 21 2023
at 2:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Last night I caught the Bill Frisell Five at a very intimate venue. Great sound and view from first row in the Balcony (basically seven rows from stage). Frisell had two acoustic bassists Tony Scherr, Thomas Morgan and two drummers Kenny Wollesen. Rudy Royston. This combination worked very well together. Very good show, but I am more impressed by Pat’s guitar playing. Frisell uses a lot of pedals and effects. Still very good show. My new friend from Pat’s Dream Box show joined me and enjoyed the show and venue (first time there).
Oct 09 2023
at 9:33 PM
Bookmark and Share I have saved a lot of money this year by going to less shows. Going for quality over quanitity (more). So far my top three shows are Dream Box (1) Side-Eye 6/20 (2) and Side-Eye 6/16 (3). Probably six more shows this year, but won’t change my top 3 shows. Up next Bill Frisell Five (two bassists and two drummers).
Sep 01 2023
at 11:31 PM
Bookmark and Share franksexton : I look forward to your Detroit Jazz Festival review. DJF lineup is always better than the Chicago Jazz Festival (also Labor Day weekend). This year I won’t make it to Detroit due to lack of money and weak lineup (still much better than CJF).
Sep 01 2023
at 11:26 PM
Bookmark and Share Last night I caught the first night of the Chicago Jazz Festival (Thursday - Sunday). First band tenor saxophonist Chico Freeman (son of tenor saxophonist Von Freeman) and second band Ron Carter Foursight (Jimmy Greene tenor sax, Payton Crossley drums and Donald Vega piano, subbing for Renee Rosnes). Chico’s band was very good and Ron Carter’s excellent. Ron’s band played non-stop for 45 minutes, moving from song to song like playing a medley. He played You Are My Sunshine as a bass solo. He spoke briefly after the 45 minute mark and announced the next song is his favorite, My Funny Valentine. The show will be in my Top Ten Best Live Show List. Very week schedule for the rest of the Chicago Jazz Festival, so won’t catch anymore shows.
Aug 11 2023
at 9:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Last night I saw the John Pizzarelli Trio at a small nearby club. Excellent trio (guitar, Piano & bass). I went mainly to see the pianist, Isaiah J. Thompson who I read about in Downbeat. Very impressive young man. Pizzarelli was better than I expected, but I prefer less vocals. Near the end of the show he played three solo pieces. He played two Metheny songs, James and Last Train Home. They both sounded great, but I prefer Pat’s version. John mentioned James is a very difficult to play. Isaiah seemed to get the biggest ovations, especially after his solos.
Jul 25 2023
at 10:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Sunday night I saw the Maria Schneider Orchestra, my favorite Jazz big band. They have topped the Downbeat Critics Poll for many years. I saw them in March when they were promoting their latest record. This show was a retrospective of all the years they have been performing (25?). Kind of a greatest hits show (or her favorites). Excellent performance with a great band. This show made it to my Top 10 list (so far) for this year. Great solos and amazing ensemble playing. Maria is an excellent conductor and I really enjoy watching her as she guides the band through the compositions. I spoke to one of the band’s musicians and he told me that every motion she makes has significance. There are only a few vedeos of the band performing and I highly recommend that you watch them. My next show will be on August 10th, the John Pizzarelli Trio.
Jun 18 2023
at 10:36 AM
Bookmark and Share I traveled to Madison to see Miguel Zenon (alto sax) and Luis Perdomo (piano) perform music from their El Arte Del Bolero. They have been together for 24 years, so their musical telepathy was excellent. They instrumentally interpreted these beautiful ballads from Cuba. It was my favorite show for 2023, until Friday when I saw Pat Metheny Side-Eye.
May 22 2023
at 11:32 PM
Bookmark and Share The Billy Childs Quartet show was very good, great band with Sean Jones one of my favorite trumpet players. I enjoyed the Dave Holland and Kenny Barron duo a lot, The trio was very good, but I thought Kevin Eubanks was the weak link. It was more of a collaboration sound. Joe Farnsworth’s band was very good. Sarah Hanahan, young alto saxophonist was very good. New to me, but a lot of good press from NYC. My next show will be the Branford Marsalis Quartet, always a great show. Anyone else hearing live Jazz shows?
May 20 2023
at 9:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc, I heard the Billy Childs concert, terrific. I should let you know (and anyone else interested) that I’ll be presenting a set of my own music for the first time since before the pandemic, next Sunday, May 28, 2023 4:00- 6:00pm on a double bill at The Green Mill as part of the Chicago Jazz Composers Collective series. Joining me will be Dave Onderdonk - guitar, Jon Paul - bass, and Eric Montzka - drums. Got a bunch of new tunes, and some newly revised tunes. First composer (Hunter Diamond) goes 4-5, my band 5-6
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