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Apr 03 2023
at 6:42 PM
Just seeing mention of this today 4/3/23 for the Fall, here in the USA. What do we know??? Because I know nothing of this! Lol James Capes
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May 05 2024
at 11:06 AM
Bookmark and Share I am very surprised that there have been no posts here from anyone that attended the last part of Pat’s US portion of the Dream Box Tour. Maybe there a lot of comments on Facebook or other "Social Media" platforms, by I don’t use any of them. I prefer to post my comments at the American Garage. I still consider the Chicago Dream Box Tour show that I caught last year my favorite show of 2023.
Apr 28 2024
at 10:58 PM
Bookmark and Share I just noticed at Pat’s Schedule (above) that he has a five month break before the European Dream Box/MoonDial Tour resumes in October. I expect to hear an announcement from Pat during the break about another project. That’s a lot of downtime for him to be idle. I don’t know what to expect, but it will be something good. I was expecting the Chicago Symphony Center to book Pat for their 2024/2025 Jazz Series. Last Wednesday they released the series and Pat wasn’t on it.
Mar 20 2024
at 10:56 PM
Bookmark and Share I received an email this morning regarding Pat’s new solo Baritone Guitar record MoonDial. It mentioned that the upcoming European tour is now called DREAM BOX MOONDIAL Tour and more dates will be announced soon. The current US tour is Dream Box Tour only. If Pat decides to add any US dates after the European tour billed as Dream Box MoonDial tour I would go to the nearest location.
Mar 19 2024
at 11:31 AM
Bookmark and Share I just noticed that five shows in Italy and one in the United Kingdom have been added to the Dream Box Tour in November. Looks like his 2024 schedule is filling up fast. Many large US concert halls with Jazz Series will be announcing their 2024/2025 season in the next couple months. I am sure Pat will be on their radar.
Feb 05 2024
at 9:37 PM
Bookmark and Share Last week I received two emails from the Pat Metheny Database with updates to Pat’s Schedule. Two dates in Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich) have been added after the shows in Germany. I verified the shows at a second source. I have found the PMD website a very accurate and reliable source for past and future Pat concerts. Like I have said before, Pat keeps filling in the gaps in his schedule. I expect a lot more when the big concert halls with Jazz Series start scheduling their 2024/2025 shows that typically run from October to June. Last week on my day off I called six Chicago area venues, the Kennedy Center (Washington DC, University of Wisconsin, and several more out of state venues to find out when the 2024/2025 Jazz Series will be announced. The big one for me is the Chicago Symphony Center Jazz Series, as I suggested seven bands to the Director of the Jazz Series. Pat was at the top of my list and also was on his list.
Dec 12 2023
at 8:40 AM
Bookmark and Share DREAM BOX TOUR in Germany! I am so happy about my ticket for the show in Hamburg, October 19, 2024 !
Nov 06 2023
at 10:21 AM
Bookmark and Share bsl8081 (Bright Size Life 80/81) I first saw Pat live in 1977 and the Dream Box show was #51 (verified). I also put the DBT in my Top 5 PM shows. I don’t know and can’t imagine what Pat will do to top this. Great record also, but Pat wouldn’t be able to perform it live because of the harmony track he is playing over. Will have to wait for a AI Pat, but Pat’s creativity can’t be duplicated by anyone or thing. There were so many surprises in the Dream Box Tour that I wanted to mention at the AG, but I didn’t want to spoil it for others.
Nov 05 2023
at 8:23 PM
Bookmark and Share 11-4-23. Freight and Salvage. Berkeley Ca. 40 years and 50 shows +/- for me. The man continues to amaze and get better as a musician and a performer. I thought this to be impossible and I also thought I would never rate a solo show in my top 5 PM performances!
Oct 31 2023
at 8:01 PM
Bookmark and Share flugeler : Sorry to hear that two morons severely tainted your experience at the El Cajon show. I was extremely disappointed to learn that Security took so long to respond. I hope that Pat will never return to The Magnolia for any future tours. I can’t comprehend how management at the venue didn’t respond when Pat made his first comment. If I was at the show I would have told a manager to toss them out. At the show in Chicago that I attended, the audience was very well behaved and Pat was having a great time. I am glad that Pat just continued like the professional he is and gave you a great show.
Oct 30 2023
at 12:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Caught the San Diego stop on the Dream Box tour last night and I can echo other mentions that say it’s well worth your time, and something quite different for long time fans like me. Got to take my son for his 5th or 6th show, and my grandson for his first show at a recently refurbished venue where everyone could hear everything, on stage and off. The only disappointment came from the audience rather than the stage when two people seated front row center decided (in their clearly altered state) to talk continuously - to the point that Pat, after sort of half joking between tunes that he didn’t know how to deal with hecklers, for the first time (he said) in his 50 plus years of performing HAD TO STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF A TUNE. After shaking his head and asking “what are we gonna do about this folks?” the couple was removed, the tune was restarted and performed beautifully, followed by treat after treat. After walking out with the usual post show smile on my face, I couldn’t help but lament the societal turn we’ve taken of late, where people think that what they feel or want at any given moment is the most important thing that could possibly exist. I was embarrassed for my city, and I hope Pat’s memory of the episode fades before he makes up his next tour itinerary. This is not America…
Oct 28 2023
at 10:59 AM
Bookmark and Share I caught Dreambox in Irvine CA. I left with a better understanding that he is music personified. I first saw him live in Arizona in the very early 80’s and Mr.Metheny just keeps getting better with time. Do yourself a favor and catch this show.
Oct 18 2023
at 2:44 PM
Bookmark and Share I was excited to go see Pat Friday night 10/20/2023 in Park City, UT. But now, after reading a few posts on this thread, I’m SUPER EXCITED! This will be a first for me to see him solo, without the band and I’m curious to see how it goes. Can I make a song request here? Like, would Pat get the message? I want to hear Homecoming from the Map Of The World album. It’s one of the most uplifting and happy songs I’ve ever heard and would love to see him perform that live.
Oct 17 2023
at 11:58 AM
Bookmark and Share javelin22, I have been a fan of Pat since 1976 and have seen him live 51 times. He spoke more at the Dream Box Tour show that I saw on I saw than the other 50 shows combined. Frequently he just plays non-stop with brief room for applause and starts playing the next song. I have seen a lot of his shows that were over two hours long and he played a lot of music. Since 1976 I have over 50 magazines featuring articles on Pat, most where he is on the cover. Explore this website because there are a lot of Podcasts, Writings and a lot more to learn about Pat. I also bought two books from the website Store, Beneath Missouri Skies : Pat Metheny In Kansa City 1964-1972 and The Pat Metheny Interviews. Both are excellent as is Voices In Jazz Guitar. The ECM book on Pat was too technical for me, as I am not a musician.
Oct 17 2023
at 11:32 AM
Bookmark and Share facing west, Thank you for the information and I 100percent agree with you that I really enjoy hearing him talk about his music and anything else he wants to say. I really enjoyed everything he said at the Dream Box show. Both informative and very funny comments. I have listened to and read almost everything at this website (Podcasts, Writings and more) and was very impressed. Several years ago I went to an interview and Q&A with Pat before his show at the Kennedy Center. I wish I recorded it and also that I would have asked a question (I had over ten questions that came to mind).
facing west
Oct 16 2023
at 9:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Yeah, I’ve heard that Pat has a lot to say on this tour. The very first time I heard Pat was on an ECM promo record with words and music. Radio station CFNY played the whole thing. I don’t remember everything Pat said but I knew instantly that he was an artist who thinks deeply about music. Since then I’ve tried to check out every interview / book that comes out. I just find PM insightful. A good example is The Jazz Ear: Conversations Over Music, by Ben Ratliff. Pat’s insights in that book are off the charts. I hope someday that there is a PM documentary on the level of Wayne Shorter’s. I’ve probably learned more about music from Pat than anyone else on the planet.
Oct 14 2023
at 9:50 AM
Bookmark and Share It was my first ever Pat Metheny show (I’ve only been a fan for almost three years now) and he was excellent! I absolutely adored his closing song (it was a cover of something, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone), he covered one of my favorite songs ever and I held onto every note. Apparently, he doesn’t speak much so I feel pretty blessed that my first show featured him speaking a lot. Would strongly recommend
Oct 13 2023
at 9:55 AM
Bookmark and Share Welcome to the AG mjcoop335 and thank you for the kind words. It was a true pleasure meeting you and talking about Pat and more things for almost an hour before the start of the show. Naut, it will be an excellent show no matter where you sit. Coop and I were lucky that the show was General Admission Seated, so we were able to get in quickly and get some great seats.
Oct 13 2023
at 8:43 AM
Bookmark and Share Any chances for Norwegian shows...?
Oct 11 2023
at 6:38 PM
Bookmark and Share After seeing Pat’s Dream Box show at Thalia Hall, Chicago on 10/1, I completely agree with MarcNebo(who I’m very happy to have met at the show, 5th row center) and others. This show is a must see for PM fans, so treat yourself if you can. As far as the question on Pat standing during the show, without giving much away, he did stand up a couple times during songs to finish them and then at the end of the main show for what might be called the finale. Pat sounded amazing and thrilled us all with his incredible playing. Cheers PM fans!
Oct 08 2023
at 8:19 AM
Bookmark and Share seadog : Excellent review without revealing the numerous surprises. You are a real wordsmith and I can only express my emotions during the show. It was also great and very special to hear Pat speak. facing west : After reading seadog’s review and my reviews, don’t pass up the opportunity to see this show. I don’t want to post any Spoiler Alerts, but if I did there were so many that it would fill half a page at the AG. From all the energy that and passion that Pat put into this show, he probably could have diverted the path of the Hurricane in Portland. GO, GO,GO,GO!!!
Oct 06 2023
at 8:56 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ve got agree with you Marc! Caught the Boston show a couple of weeks ago. All I can say is GO…walk, run, crawl, call an Uber… whatever. This is a show not to miss. For me a definite top 5, after 40+ Pat shows in various iterations! I caught his intimate, soul touching 2019 mini-solo tour through New England. In retrospect, it looks like it was a test flight, this one is Pat in full flight. The breadth and choice of tunes touched every part of my heart and soul. I couldn’t help but notice the ear-to-ear smiles in the audience throughout (painful cheeks the next morning), the audible sighs at the first hint of some opening notes, and the occasional tear running down someone’s cheek even though they were grinning ear to ear. His ability to take the audience on a soaring adventure, from quiet heartbreaking beauty to explosive fountains of musical colors, never fails to amaze me. And, at the end, he always finds a way to tuck the audience in for the night and send them floating off into the streets. Just a beautiful evening. GO!!!
Oct 05 2023
at 12:12 PM
Bookmark and Share facing west It was introspective, retrospective, innovative and several more "tives". My favorite show of the year and one of the best all-time Pat shows. Standing of 10/05/2023 1. Pat Metheny Dream Box, Chicago 2. Side-Eye, Ravinia (Highland Park IL) 3. Side-Eye, Urbana IL. There will be Playoffs, Coach Challenge or anything that would alter my standing. By the way I have gone to twenty-six shows so far.
facing west
Oct 05 2023
at 9:40 AM
Bookmark and Share That’s great, Marc. A Pat high is the best high. I’m hoping the show is documented in some way, since I’m unlikely to make this tour. I had tickets to Portland but it was re-scheduled due to a hurricane. My sense is that while Pat is one of the most recognizable figures in jazz, he still doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his innovations, such as the orchestrion. His solo ’range’ is off the charts.
Oct 04 2023
at 8:24 AM
Bookmark and Share I don’t want to disclose anything(spoiler alert). All I will say I was extremely pleased on multiple levels of emotion. Pat put on an incredible show. It at it’s core was a retrospective of all his solo records including several from Dream Box plus many surprises. I haven’t come down yet from this Pat high.
facing west
Oct 03 2023
at 8:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Marc. Glad you made it to the show. That’s high praise coming from you. Pat never fails to deliver. Based on the album I thought it might be a laid-back, introspective affair. Now my curiosity is really kicking in.
Oct 03 2023
at 5:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Would anyone who’s seen the Dream Box tour please kind of describe it a bit. Does Pat mainly sit when playing? Does he stand for any tunes? I’m asking because we have tickets for the November 1 show in Sac, but the seats are nose-bleed, and even with binocs I’d kind of like to get an idea of what to expect pre-show. TIA, fellow garagers.
Oct 02 2023
at 8:39 AM
Bookmark and Share I caught Pat’s Dream Box show last night. It was an incredible and extremely creative show. I could fill this post with all the highlights. All I want to say for now is GO TO THE SHOW. I don’t know how Pat can top this show.
Sep 13 2023
at 8:26 AM
Bookmark and Share Yesterday I received a Pat Metheny (website) email stating that he is kicking off his Dream Box Tour. It also said he will be talking more than normal on stage to explain the music he will be playing. I saw in his schedule that he has a break for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I still have held out and not listened to the record.
Sep 11 2023
at 2:34 PM
Bookmark and Share I thought Pat would add several more cities to the tour, but I was wrong. Still a chance of some more dates being added next year. It’s a very extensive tour schedule with good US coverage.
Aug 08 2023
at 6:15 PM
Bookmark and Share mugsy: As I predicted Pat added NYC (in 2024) to his Schedule. I still believe he will add several more shows before the Dream Box Tour gets underway.
Jul 17 2023
at 11:43 PM
Bookmark and Share mugsy: I just looked at the Schedule above and will predict Pat will add shows in South and North Carolina, Florida and the New York area. I saw a few gaps in the schedule. I expect a NYC Jazz club multi-night show.
Jul 17 2023
at 11:15 PM
Bookmark and Share mugsy : I am glad you got a ticket for the show. I think Pat could still add some more shows to the 2023 or 2024 portion of the Dream Box Tour. He recently added the El Cajon (San Diego area) gig. I travelled about three hours to catch Side-Eye in Champaign on June 16 and then took a Metra train (Chicago area public transportation train) about 30 minute ride on June 20 to see the band again. Great decision as I got to see two different shows. Mostly same songs, but different improvising by all I expect a great show October 1st and I am looking forward to seeing his new and vintage guitars. That show will be my 51st Pat show (confirmed). I’ve been trying to confirm several SoCal shows and a few Chicago area shows in the early years.
Jul 16 2023
at 9:36 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi MarcNebo, Yes Berkeley is about 10 minutes from me... I scored tickets at Freight and Salvage the day they went on sale! Sacramento is about an hour and a half away. I would go there except for his being 10 min from me in Berkeley.
Jul 09 2023
at 8:18 AM
Bookmark and Share The other day I saw Pat added some SoCal dates to the Dream Box Tour, including a new venue in El Cajon, CA (San Diego suburb). He know has about 48 shows. I am anxiously awaiting October 1st.
Jul 01 2023
at 9:11 PM
Bookmark and Share Finally, this morning they announced the October 1st show in Chicago at Thalia Hall. It only took me ten minutes to decide ang get a General Admission Seated ticket. Very nice venue, but excessive service charge from third party ticket service. Planning to get a center seat in first five rows. Will be my third Pat Metheny show for 2023.
May 25 2023
at 11:21 PM
Bookmark and Share mugsy and patsfan: I hope Berkeley and Sacramento are close enough for you. I am anxiously waiting for the Chicago date. My insider info was that it was a venue that’s not one of my favorites. The Milwaukee gig is at a venue that has a Jazz Series, so the people that get the series get the best seats. I want to be up close for this show. Will let you know what happens.
May 23 2023
at 11:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Mugsy….. SF wins by 5 but I’ll take the Sacto show !! I’m trying to imagine what Pat has dreamed up in his spare time…..
May 19 2023
at 5:53 PM
Bookmark and Share To all SF Bay area folks - Pat is playing in Berkeley at Freight & Salvage for three nights in November!! Six shows all together.
May 05 2023
at 11:19 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan The Dream Box Tour is still about five months away. I am sure a lot will shape up in the schedule. Pat can’t and won’t pass up major cities on his tour route. I just bought a ticket for Side-Eye in a Chicago suburb near me and earlier got a ticket for Side-Eye about a 2.5 hour Amtrak ride away. I can’t pass up a chance to hear Pat twice in a year. Dream Box Tour would make it three times.
May 02 2023
at 11:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc and Mugsy …. U both are such dedicated fans !! I’m thinking of taking your example and hitching hiking to Portland.. Or, Mugsy, maybe we could car pool to Portland ? Oh, well, I’ll hold out hope for the next few months …..
Apr 22 2023
at 9:43 PM
Bookmark and Share mugsy & patsfan : There is still a big gap in Pat’s Dream Box schedule between SoCal and Oregon. Per Pat’s past tours he fills in the gaps by the time the tour starts. I expect a Chicago stop after Milwaukee and the Indiana dates. I am doing a road trip (actually railroad trip, Amtrak not hobo-style) to Champaign IL for the Side-Eye gig. I got a seventh row, off-center seat.
Apr 21 2023
at 9:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Yeh, Mugsy …. Praying that SF or other No Calif venue becomes available, but so far it’s not looking hopeful ….
Apr 11 2023
at 2:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Hey Tomm, I believe Pat’s solo Dreambox starts in Sept. so if you have tix for October- I believe it will be the solo tour. I am hoping he is also coming to San Francisco- no word yet.
facing west
Apr 06 2023
at 2:35 PM
Bookmark and Share This has my imagination working overtime. That’s Pat--the possibilities are infinite.
Apr 05 2023
at 3:31 PM
Bookmark and Share I got an email yesterday about Pat paying in Dallas in October and tickets went on sale this morning. I bought tickets and assumed it was the Side Eye group playing with him. I did a little searching after seeing your post and I came across some Dream Box tour information - it was posted by a theater that Pat was playing at a couple of days before Dallas. All of which makes me wonder - which tour do I now have tickets for? I’m always glad to see Pat no matter what "group" is playing with him, but I’m starting to think it’s going to be solo tour described in the article put out by the theater he plays at just before he comes to Dallas.
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