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SUBJECT: 9.25.21 First show of 2021 Fall leg of New Tour at SF JAZZ Back to Subjects
Sep 26 2021
at 3:00 AM
I just found you guys after poking around on this site for a bit, nice to meet you. I just got home from the first show of the Fall leg of Pat’s 2021 Side Eye Tour in San Francisco at SFJAZZ. Needless to say, Pat raged as he usually does, just awesome. The two cats he is playing on this tour are both sooooo young and soooooo talented, like all the other young folk I’ve seen him play with over the last 5 years. I mean I wouldn’t expect anything less; the keyboardist is playing bass with one hand and incredible jazz riffs with the other (as a keyboard player I can attest that is not an easy thing to do). And the drummer is off the hook, Pat introduced him by saying that there are so many great new drummers coming up in the NYC area right now but this guy is the best. The show was 2.5 hours with no set break, and no photos or cel phones on during the show, by Pat’s request. They did several songs from various older albums including Watercolors, Bright Size Life, Letter from Home and a few others I can’t quite place. They also did 3 or 4 tunes from the new Side Eye release. Later in the show Pat did some slower gorgeous tunes on both the electric as well as an acoustic, which I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him play? And of course, he whipped out the 42-string guitar and I didn’t recognize the tune he played on it, but it sounded gorgeous, as usual. My older brother took me to see my first Pat show at the age of 15, at Town Hall in New York City, in 1980. Of course the white PMG album had just come out that year, and needless to say, my head was blown wide open and I haven’t stopped seeing him since. Thank you for the way you’ve enriched our lives Pat. Cheers, Gail PS - I watched that killer interview with Beato on YouTube, it was GREAT! :)
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