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Aug 14 2021
at 3:09 AM
Hi everyone I was just cruising on youtube and found a side eye recording of Better Days Ahead! I was blown away. I think when I pre-ordered From This Place they initially gave a download of one track and then another as we got closer to the release date. I wonder if that’s what they are doing now. Anyway check it out!
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Aug 22 2021
at 12:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Mole--Thanks for the heads up on Rick Beato’s Pat interview. I watched it and it’s my favorite Pat interview of all time, as I knew Rick would do.
Aug 19 2021
at 8:37 PM
Bookmark and Share yea - sign me up in the james francies fan club! his new album, ’purest form’, is exactly that . . . . . also, there’s a spankin’ new pat interview (almost two hours!) w/rick beato, now on the utuber and it’s maybe the best one yet, if such a thing can be said . . . . . .
Aug 19 2021
at 12:06 PM
Bookmark and Share Just lovely! I’m becoming more and more familiar with James Francies’ sound, listening to his solo records and his latest with Chris Potter Trio, and he really adds a new, unpredictable accompanying and soloing element to Pat’s music that I really like.
Aug 17 2021
at 3:11 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s also available on Spotify.
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