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Tyler Durden
Jul 19 2021
at 9:55 AM
Hey Garagers check out anything and everything Billy Strings. Tons on Youtube. From him playiing guitar, banjo, or mandolin as a kid with his dad, any of the videos from Carters Vintage Guitars (ex. 1935 Martin D- 18), to his amazing band today. He acoustic cover of Dylans Dont Think Twice is simply jaw dropping, him playing electric guitar with his band covering Hendrix’ Fire just unreal, a video of an acoustic ’Tennessee Stud’. His band at Red Rocks is great. Lots of Billy on youtube, and his recent Grammy was so deserved. Check out Billy Strings, a rare rare talent.
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Tyler Durden
Aug 09 2021
at 8:51 AM
Bookmark and Share First show in New Haven Saturday 8/7 Amazing amazing amazing! Highlights from both nights played on youtube. The 17 or so minutes from set 2 that was released, utterly eludes categorization. The ininitiated will knee jerk and say "bluegrass". To someone that has listened to bluegrass and the traditions it came from for many years, I’d say listen more; this music is way beyond blugrass. No comments here? Wow. Somewhat different musical space, though like Pat, Billy is a once in a lifetime talent. Cant wait to be there again. Incredible.
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