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SUBJECT: Ron Carter Interviews Pat Back to Subjects
Jun 20 2021
at 6:52 PM
I just found four YouTube videos where Ron Carter Interviews Pat Metheny. Search "Ron Carter Interviews Pat Metheny". I watched two so far and will watch the other tonight. So far they are very good. Ron and Pat have a history playing together and a mutual admiration for each other. I spoke to Ron several times at the Detroit Jazz Festival when he was Artist-In-Residence. Very nice guy and sharp dresser, always wears beautiful suits. When he and Pat do their duo shows Ron gets Pat to wear a suit or jacket.
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Aug 13 2021
at 5:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi Marc, 2005 I attended The Way Up gig in Brighton Dome UK. I drove down to Brighton and decided to stay overnight as it would have been a heck of a drive back after the gig. In my hotel the morning after the gig was an African Dance/Music Troupe having breakie, that were also at the Brighton Dome doing their performance the night before in the Dome, in another area of that magnificent building. I got talking to one of the members of that troupe and said I had attended the PMG the night before. The gentleman was so happy and honoured to tell me that Pat had come to their rehearsal in the afternoon, and was interacting with him and asking great questions about what the troupe is about, etc.. I was so touched to hear that, but it doesn’t suprise me that Pat did/does that sort of thing beyond his pre-gig run, etc.. I have another story about Lisbon Coliseau SON gig involving Pat, new PMG member Antonio and Steve, which my mind was completely blown away, that happened after the gig in that wonderful Euro capital......I’ll never forget what I witnessed....
Jun 23 2021
at 12:46 PM
Bookmark and Share I finally watched the last two interviews today. Very well done interviews. In one of them Pat said a gig starts for him four hours before the show. I was not surprised by this comment. Pat has always seemed like he is a perfectionist and wants to put on nothing less than a great show. Many years ago at a gig at the Jazz Showcase when it was in the Blackstone Hotel I saw him returning to the hotel after his pre-concert run. I think he still does the same routine now. I am sure a lot of mental and physical preparation is done in those four hours before the giog.
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