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Feb 11 2014
at 4:47 PM
"Tell It All" from First Circle - This song, long one of my favorites, incorporates several styles that are distinctly Pat (structurally, a lot like "Finding & Believing"), from the Reichian bells to Pedro’s great vocals to Pat’s spectacular solo (one of his best) to the warm melody and into Lyle’s sublime acoustic solo. Pat’s guitar sound here is in the "Third Wind" vein, to me. The bells could be right out of TWU. I just love this tune. What do you think? (Since KIN came out, I’ve been thinking back over how many of Pat’s titles refer to family, friendship, generosity, and how his many musical partners over the years, Potter at present [his & Pat’s simpatico playing is magical], represent that spirit....)
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Mar 04 2014
at 12:17 PM
Bookmark and Share Can’t listen to it... too much nostalgia bound up in it for me. Seeing PMG play this song in 1985, along with First Circle, was one of the most astonishing musical moments of my life. I’d never heard anything like those two songs... well they spoke to me anyhow.
Mar 01 2014
at 7:59 AM
Bookmark and Share BTW, if anyone cares to talk about "Finding & Believing," have at it. That song blows some people’s socks off with its intensity and somewhat unusual voicings and rhythms. I love it, how the song moves from the layering intro into more familiar territory. This is the highlight of Secret Story, for me, though that whole record is so good is seems blasphemy to single out a favorite tune. Still, "F&B" is one of Pat’s most powerful compositions, with that joyous out that could go one for days. I’d love to see Pat jam on that for twenty or thirty minutes sometime in concert.
Mar 01 2014
at 7:28 AM
Bookmark and Share I agree with everything you said, saxond. Can’t add much there but here, hear! / hman01, to me it’s Pat’s style & sense of swing that’s been in his music from the beginning. I hear it everywhere, but it’s hard, if not impossible, for me to put into words. Listen to "Extradition" for his swinging.
Feb 28 2014
at 3:54 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s been one of my very favorites for many years, and a very underrated song because it’s deceivingly straightforward, a kick-ass blues with a rock sensibility. Don’t overlook Lyle’s solo. There’s a little figure he plays right toward the end of it that just puts me under the table every time I hear it. This is one of those I always wish Pat would bring back into the active rotation. Can you imagine Sanchez on this one? Potter? It’s made for the new band.
Feb 28 2014
at 12:23 PM
Bookmark and Share I just love this tune.It’s always been one of my favorites.It’s got some kind of vibe or groove to it that I just don’t know how to describe it,but I totally dig it!
Feb 27 2014
at 8:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Love the tune and esp Pat’s guitar solo. One of my favorite "unheralded" solos from Pat ...but I thought that solo was on his synclavier, not the Roland GR 300? Anyone know for sure? Thanks.
Feb 27 2014
at 12:52 AM
Bookmark and Share It’s easy to conflate "Tell It All" with "End of the Game" since they’re adjacent in the order of tracks. I love Pat’s playing on both, not the least for how diverse they are in form, structure, and sound, yet at the same time fall so easily under the banner of all things Metheny.
Feb 26 2014
at 4:07 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat’s Roland guitar solo is one of my faves.
Feb 25 2014
at 8:55 AM
Bookmark and Share Right on the money, Naut!
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