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SUBJECT: Pat Metheny Unity Group - MIAMI - OH.MY.GOD!!! Back to Subjects
Feb 08 2014
at 12:35 AM
Got the record. Loved it like nothing I have ever heard before. Got a plane ticket. Flew to Miami. Got a ticket. And then --- 3 of the greatest hours of my life. 3 hours!!! Right now, I have no words. Maybe tomorrow. Just go!!!
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Feb 09 2014
at 9:20 AM
Bookmark and Share I really resonate with the No Words relationship to Pat’s musics. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm after the show!
Feb 08 2014
at 7:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Jacksonville Weds night...2nd row. Still buzzing. Will be for a while. I am supposed to write a review. At a loss for words. words are too small to capture this.
Feb 08 2014
at 8:30 AM
Bookmark and Share Tell us more! Looking forward to seeing the Group in Seattle.
Feb 08 2014
at 3:34 AM
Bookmark and Share Great show.......... he never dissapoints. Folks headed to shows after us,,,,,,,,,, cheer hard for the double encore. I won't ruin it is well worth staying for any "Pathead"
Feb 08 2014
at 2:15 AM
Bookmark and Share Four hours later. I am still buzzing. This is one for the ages, folks.....
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