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Jan 10 2014
at 4:40 PM
As many of you have probably heard by now, v=cgUxjhBHN3g& offers us a few photos and, yes, some musical bits from the new KIN album. I’ve been incredibly pumped about this release because it’s been a long time since 2005. I love all that Pat does, but the Group has always been special to me. It’s my absolute favorite music on the planet. This new hybrid version, springing from the Unity Band, sounds just the way I’d hoped: denser, more compositional (the reason I loved PMG) and as if it takes right up where THE WAY UP left off. These snippets remind me of the final section of the Way Up. I know now that I’m going to love this new album, and somehow I have to make it to February 4. I always want PM to do the music he loves, but it sure is nice when it’s also the kind i love too!
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Jan 14 2014
at 9:14 AM
Bookmark and Share thanks for posting this. Based on the sound clips I would describe this as PMG meets Unity Group, kind of how Pat hmiself described the Like Minds album as Chick Corea/Gary Burton duo meets the Q&A trio.
Jan 11 2014
at 12:58 AM
Bookmark and Share Nicely put saxond....saw the Unity Band 3 times, was truly something special...and the Group Pat describes as IMAX version.....whooaa, can it possibly get better???! After hearing those snippets from You-Tube...I do believe this is going to be incredible!!
Jan 10 2014
at 8:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Wow. This is just what I have been waiting for, based on these samples. Sometimes I had wished his regular bands had more to them that was like PM gets to in his trio and and special projects and sometimes I wish those kinds of recordings had more of what he did with his regular band or Secret Story or even Orchestrion. This seems to hit the perfect spot between the those two poles. The Zorn record was a revelation in freshness and this seems to be yet another twist in everything in the best possible way. And oh, yeah, by the way, somehow the guy writes a film score in his spare time that gets nominated for the Spanish Oscar....and gets put in the DB Hall of Fame. Just amazing.
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