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Oct 15 2013
at 3:06 PM
Say Fellow Metheny Fans-I’m looking for a great satellite radio station. Yes you guessed it, I love Pat’s music and radio station. I follow all jazz from Trane to Metheny. Throw in some McLaughlin, Corea, Hancock, Jarrett, Montgomery,Scofield,Burton, etc. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks you all!
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Dec 16 2013
at 10:21 AM
Bookmark and Share If you like your Christmas music on the classical side of things,i would suggest Ch.75 "Holiday Pops" on XM/Sirius.They have a good mix of choral music and instrumental selections,including rennaiscance(sp?) and baroque,etc.Although the name "Holiday Pops" doesn’t quite describe the music played,it’s better than that,I really enjoy this station during the holidays.
Nov 26 2013
at 2:09 PM
Bookmark and Share I have XM radio and the choices for diverse music is greatly limited. I do use Spotify, Pandora, and internet radio sources, but it would be nice to have some XM/Siruis stations that get abit avant garde.
Oct 26 2013
at 1:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks to all who shared suggestions. I am using all of them and you have given me a highly improved commute to work each day!
Oct 22 2013
at 10:59 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the info "C J"! I had moja jazz radio playing in the car this morning off of my iphone.
Oct 19 2013
at 1:25 PM
Bookmark and Share The Old Xm Radio program lives on the internet radio. It is a subscription basis (cheap) and is located at I record about 40 hours a week on my PC then download it to My Ipod to play in the car. If you live in a larger city you can play it off of your Iphone using the VirtualRadio App and broadcast it on your car stero system. I have been a subscriber for several years and am quite happy with the wide varity of new Jazz, Fusion and World Jazz played. You can chek it out for free for a while.
Oct 18 2013
at 8:53 AM
Oct 17 2013
at 9:46 AM
Bookmark and Share good luck. I enjoy downloading the free MP3 selections posted on All About Jazz onto a flash drive and listening to that. I get to hear a lot of artists I would never hear otherwise plus I control what I listen to. Other then that , I think public radio is your best bet to find jazz on the radio.
Oct 16 2013
at 3:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Satellite radio needs a host of new stations. The Real Jazz station is fine. But there is so much music missing. Short of forcing music into neat little categories, it would be awesome to just have a station that plays experimental, advant garde, and modern jazz that is off the beaten path. A place where you can be surprised what you hear from track to track.
Oct 16 2013
at 12:48 PM
Bookmark and Share I agree with "sunship".The only real jazz on Sirius is the station called "Real Jazz". But they really trend towards the older stuff with very little modern jazz from the artists you mentioned.Back when XM was by itself,they had an excellent station called "Beyond Jazz",but of course they discontinued it with a bunch of other great stations.Now they just skew towards the middle.What a shame.......
Oct 16 2013
at 9:53 AM
Bookmark and Share Nevermind, I mis-read the question. Ill tell you the truth, I was never happy with Sirius Satellite radio. I had a free 6 month subscription and the jazz was mediocre at best.
Oct 16 2013
at 9:52 AM
Bookmark and Share Why not make your own custom station with Spotify?
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