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Sep 13 2013
at 1:49 PM
Pat Metheny and the Unity Group are playing a gig at the lyric theater Salford quays 10th June 2014. The theater is housed in the Lowry Arts centre. Is this one off gig in the uk or is it part of a european tour?
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Sep 18 2013
at 7:18 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m sure you have noticed (see schedule tab) he will be playing the Hammersmith the next day. There are quite a few dates up so far on west coast US as well. I am trying to go to Eugene, OR and or SF, but will be in England in June so trying to see if it makes sense to coordinate a seeing a Manchester or London show. Reg
Sep 16 2013
at 11:32 AM
Bookmark and Share I have noticed only one date in the Pacific NW that being Vancouver. It is not too early to post dates on this site - if the venue is selling tickets? I bought mine and I didn’t get the front row although the concert is in March (the seller indicated brisk sales)! Hoping for Seattle as a venue. Love to see a concert at the Banff School of Fine Arts.
Sep 14 2013
at 11:13 AM
Bookmark and Share It’s highly unlikely that they would travel to the UK and only do the Lowry gig, I expect a London date at the very least. There are a few other dates in Europe showing up on google as well as the US ones so it’s looking like a big tour for 2014. It would be greatly appreciated by everyone I think, if this site could put the dates up as and when they are confirmed, it seems odd that that isn’t happening.
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