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Aug 07 2013
at 2:57 PM
Hello Everyone, Once again I haven’t posted in a long time (but don’t think I haven’t been logging in and reading). Anyway, I just picked up the Bobby Mintzer Big Band album "Swing Out" and as I was listening in the car (I couldn’t read liner notes while driving) this song came on that I recognized but couldn’t place immediately. Kurt Elling was singing and suddenly it hit me. It was Minuano 6/8. Kurt Elling wrote the vocals and Bobby Mintzer arranged it for Big Band. Interesting lyrics and a different take on one of my favorite Pat/Lyle compositions. Has anyone else caught this piece yet?
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Aug 09 2013
at 12:16 PM
Bookmark and Share Kurt Elling first did this on one of his own albums "Man in the Air".
Aug 08 2013
at 11:51 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, I bought this cd about 5 years ago and suprised to hear his version. I wasn’t overly impressed but it was nice to hear another version of a great PMG song.
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