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Jun 19 2013
at 10:45 AM
Someone correct me if I am wrong but, the reason alot of jazz performers/acts do not tour in the U.S. and tour more overseas is the lack of listener support/interest. Pat has alot of supporters/listeners here in the U.S., however, the number of tour dates and locations in the U.S., in my humble opinion, seems to be few and far between. I would like to suggest that Pat increase the number of dates and expand the locations here in the U.S.. By doing this, I would hope, his exposure would increase more and he might be able to increase interest in and the popularity of jazz here in the U.S.. Looking forward to anyone’s responses.
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Jun 20 2013
at 7:48 PM
Bookmark and Share Pat’s been touring the US a lot the last couple of years, I thought? I’ve seen him 3 times since Sept. 2011.
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