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SUBJECT: Where is everybody? Back to Subjects
May 15 2013
at 2:14 PM
The posts have fallen way down lately.I live my life vicariously through the garage.Without any new posts,I have no life.HELP!!!
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Jun 19 2013
at 11:30 PM
Bookmark and Share For the most part, the web is dead to me. Having a website seems so 2000.
Dave M.
Jun 13 2013
at 4:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, I, for one, must admit that I have not accessed AG in a long while. It coincides with my increased use of Facebook. I refuse to spend too much accessing Facebook, Twitter and sites like AG all day. FB has my group of friends. I actually do music posts on FB--a LOT of Pat and PMG stuff--and have turned a lot of my friends onto Pat’s music through it. I find it a challenge to expand peopl’s musical horizons and I derive great pleasure when people tell me, "Dude, thanks for the music. I never heard of this guy before, but he’s tremendous. I need to hear more of his stuff."
Jun 06 2013
at 7:55 AM
Bookmark and Share hi least we know where you have been...sounds like a great adventure. We visited Montreal time for music though,just as a heads up, their jazz fest is coming up at the end of next month.
Jun 04 2013
at 12:15 PM
Bookmark and Share Not to take the subject of this thread literally, but I just back from being in New Orleans for a 4 day weekend. From the music, the food, the architecture,the spirit,et al it was great to take in the entire Naw’lins experience. Can’t wait to go back!
Mike S.
Jun 01 2013
at 4:01 AM
Bookmark and Share I agree with Oystien, but Pat did hint toward something coming from the Group in Question and Answer when he feels like it and can get them all together. The closing of the Basement didn’t help either, perhaps it’s time to take the lock off that door? I too had some great experiences here and had the time of my life with a bunch of "garagers" at the Montreal concert of TWU that more or less closed the Group’s tour. Would love to reunite with those folks!
May 30 2013
at 8:36 PM
Bookmark and Share I retired in February of this year. Hope everyone’s well. I couldn’t be happier.
May 30 2013
at 3:16 PM
Bookmark and Share I have noticed the decline. However, I am active on FB and other social media sites, have a very active professional and volunteer life, raising two young daughters and get on the bicycle (road and off road) every day for some much need exercise and stress, but still check in to the garage a few times a week. I did enjoy the spirited discussions of the past, but some of the trolls did get abit over the top. I understand the need for the moderator. I am wildly passionate about music and a huge fan of Metheny and many other artists. I come here not only to share in my enthusiasm in everything Metheny, but also to learn about music, other opinions about Metheny and other musicians and to learn about upcoming events and releases. I do wish that Metheny and company (management/pr) would be more interactive with the site in general and provide a more steady schedule of new items on the site, part from this bulletin board. I enjoy other musicians who extend themselves to post diaries, regular FB posts, etc, and feed the appetite for fans. Pat does have a FB site with 380,987 likes and there is additional information there that I think most of you would enjoy. The PM web team supports that FB page. Check it out, then come back here to talk about it!
May 27 2013
at 6:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Good idea bluepno. A toast to all AGers, past and present. Cheers John (21 year old unfiltered Highland Park in my hand as I type).
May 27 2013
at 5:21 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi Jan! Didn’t know your new handle, I thought you were in the newsgroup only (I read some posts there).
May 26 2013
at 3:56 PM
Bookmark and Share A favorite libation is offered to all who pass these hallowed halls this Memorial Day.
May 26 2013
at 3:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Since the closing of the basement...the underground aspect of visiting here has been somewhat static. The offensive and defensive posturings of political and social events is sorely missed here.
May 24 2013
at 6:03 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m still here, though under a different name than the one I came in with (that would be Jan Dekker - hi everyone who I’ve ever chinked glasses or locked horns with). I developed the idea that my then new employer would monitor my web habits and frown on me bantering about music. Very misguided, it turned out. Even so, I haven’t been about much. I’m back now to see what people have to say about the sublime Tap. Quite a bit, I understand...
May 24 2013
at 6:15 AM
Bookmark and Share ...and I must admit the fact that Pats recordings after The Way Up haven`t trigged my musical taste like the earlier stuff. I started listening to PMG in -78, and consider myself a true Pathead (old school, though...). I have bought and listened a lot to all his releases, but I find myself listening more to recordings pre 2003. This is what makes me an old fart, I guess... Very excited about the new release, though, which I haven`t heard yet.
May 24 2013
at 5:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Still here, only more randomly. Been posting on and off since -97 when this site appeared, but lately I`ve been more of a passive reader.
May 22 2013
at 10:30 AM
Bookmark and Share People just go their way after a while, pursuit their lives in another way and somewhere else. Please understand nothing lasts forever, sometimes you just get fed up. It has nothing to do imho with the use of social media. To be clear: I am not a part of that scene.
May 21 2013
at 2:29 PM
Bookmark and Share Mark Zuckerberg stole their brains, Ian. They are now self-empowered (or so they believe) zombies posting banal trivia on their facebook wall. This is called progress.
May 20 2013
at 4:18 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve been puzzled for a while now as to what happened to all the people who used to hang out here. 10-15 years ago this forum was so alive with activity. It was such a great place to learn about music. I remember once Coung Vu came on here and scolded a guy who was critical of his playing. I even met up with a group of about a dozen or so people in Chicago for dinner once before a show during the SON tour. I haven’t seen any of those folks on this site in a long time. It’s strange how things change.
May 20 2013
at 11:40 AM
Bookmark and Share You hit the nail on the head, Blisterfree. That’s why I don’t partake in social media like FB and Twiitter. But i do enjoy it here amongst my kindred music spirits!
May 19 2013
at 5:13 PM
Bookmark and Share Well I for one, don’t use Facebook or Twitter, and really enjoy reading (and occasionally contributing) to the posts here. It seems that every once in a while (especially around the Holidays) this happens. I imagine and hope it will pick back up after Tuesday’s release of TAP. Best to all
May 18 2013
at 4:56 PM
Bookmark and Share You make a good point "blister free".I guess I miss the spirited discourse that used to happen on this site.That’s why I posted this as a subject.And now with twitter it’s more stuff like: "Boy it’s hot today.I think I’ll go to the restroom! LOL!" Hey,that was pretty good.I think I’ll go open a twitter account.I just wrote my first tweet!
May 18 2013
at 9:20 AM
Bookmark and Share Thumbs up, Blisterfree!
May 17 2013
at 4:31 AM
Bookmark and Share I think FB and Twitwit have actually devalued human discourse to the point that we are so saturated by the sheer volume of our fellow humanoids’ opinions that we gradually become ambivalent to the notion that we, ourselves, have anything unique and worthwhile to contribute. I think much of this happens at a subconscious level but it is real and is somewhat like trading your close circle of bar buddies for a Manhattan street corner at rush hour. The web is no longer small, welcoming, or self-affirming.
May 16 2013
at 6:51 PM
Bookmark and Share It isn’t just here, it is everywhere on the web - except for Facebook and Twitter. I think all the people who used to populate the individual nooks and crannies all went to those more general locations for a more homogenous experience. There is very little discussion anymore on any of my former favorite sites, music or other wise, but all of the musician sites I know from my own experience seem to be about 10 percent less populated than they used to be. It seems that that phase of the online experience is basically over now. I still come here though to see what is new with Pat and still check in every now and then and even see some of the old regulars from time to time. Can't wait to hear "TAP"! Glad to see Pat still moving on and not falling back on his tried and trues.
May 16 2013
at 12:37 PM
Bookmark and Share you beat me to the punch Tom. perhaps people are getting out more since the weather is finally breaking, especially here in the U.S., and spending less time on their duffs in front of the computer. i’m on today ’cuz it’s raining out.
Tom Rudd
May 16 2013
at 6:22 AM
Bookmark and Share Well, I suppose there will be a lot to talk about after the new release!
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