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Apr 28 2013
at 3:42 PM
I often wonder about what I experience from Pat’s music and what others get from it. I drum to it. I try to keep up is more like it. But it is school for me as much as a joyful listening experience. I know there are technically adept musicians analyzing his compositions, gaining insight into the music in ways I don’t pursue, but I am trained in various musics from around the world, have played drums and percussion for many years and listen intently and often. And I have listened to Orchestrion at least once a week and often more, since it was released. It continues to open up for me. Especially Expansion. Here’s Pat talking about Expansion from the Q&A section. "One thing about the Orchestrion project was that everyone was so interested in the method of how the sounds were made that the actual music part of it tended not to get talked about that much, which was really the most interesting part of it all for me. That tune in particular has quite a few unique features harmonically and in the way the bass notes set up and change the function of the chords as they move along." - Pat Metheny
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May 03 2013
at 2:50 AM
Bookmark and Share I don’t play, but I love this tune, especially on TOP.
Apr 29 2013
at 12:23 PM
Bookmark and Share that tune is something else i actually got the score from the store hear and input the notes into garage band, for i could slow it down and or speed it up to look and listen to it , did that to the way up in logic got the score and put it in, the one tune to check out is the orchestrion too, that has a lot going on too
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