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SUBJECT: A sense of optimism and gratitude Back to Subjects
Apr 24 2013
at 6:07 AM
One experience that lifts me up again and again in Pat’s music is the feeling of optimism I feel from being with it. I believe this to be a really miraculous thing. I appreciate this music so much. It makes life bigger.
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Apr 24 2013
at 4:00 PM
Bookmark and Share A bright size sense of life, to extend the metaphor. What always confounds me is people not understanding that there is no brightness without shadow (ZTFS Tap Sign Of Four et al). In any event let us all bask under the many branched tree that pat has grown!
Apr 24 2013
at 12:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, indeed. In 2005, I had a difficult time in my personal life(a woman) and each time i listened The wau Up(for me, this work is the best from Pat), my heart felt better and since then, Metheny’ music is my thearapy.
Tom Rudd
Apr 24 2013
at 12:15 PM
Bookmark and Share You are so right.! Letter From Home helped me through a tough time in Boston last week.
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